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2012 Fall Issue 1 (September 21, 2012)

  • nsw 2012

    New Student Week 2012

    Every year, Carleton’s New Student Week (NSW) helps the incoming freshman class assimilate to college life for five days before classes start.

    • professor

      EthIC co-curricular seminar set to focus on “Love and Human Flourishing”

      This fall, EthIC (Ethical Inquiry at Carleton) is launching its first ever co-curricular seminar, with the theme Love and Human Flourishing.

    • new professors

      New Faces on Campus

      The Carletonian recently interviewed several of these professors for some insight into their experiences, both before and after their arrivals at Carleton.

    • ballot

      CSA Denounces Minnesota Ballot Measures

      Many Carleton students view the voter identification initiative with particular enmity—it is widely considered an attempt to lessen the electoral influence of college voters.

    • convo governor

      Governor Dayton Offers Advice to Students

      “Be aware of the grand scheme of things, make a difference in the world, and light a candle rather than curse the darkness,” Dayton emphasized. “So pick up a few matches while you’re here at Carleton.”

    • ranking us news 2013

      US News Gives Carleton Top Marks

      In its most recent report, Carleton was #8 in overall performance, which was similar to its previous standings. This year, U.S. News also awarded Carleton College the silver medal in the category of Best Undergraduate Teaching among US liberal arts colleges

    • carleton chapel

      Carleton: most popular “peer institution”?

      The Chronicle agrees: “in selecting peers,” asserted the article, “colleges look upward.” Carleton’s place on that list is something that the College should be proud of.

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    • Sarah Nielsen '13

      Volleyball: Knights Take on St. Thomas

      After 13 games away from home, the Carleton College volleyball team returned to West Gym for the first time this season, but faced a stiff challenge as the Knights hosted No. 7 University of St. Thomas.

    • Marcus Huderle '14

      Cross Country Teams Grab Pair of Top-5 Finishes

      The Fellahs kicked off the season big on Saturday, September 8th, scoring a solid fifth at the Les Duke Invitational in Grinnell Iowa. It was a squad of old guys, with the team’s first-years staying behind to have awkward conversations with their roommates and figure out where the library is located.

    • Mikayla Coulcombe '16

      Women’s Soccer Falls in Double OT

      Two overtime matches yielded a loss and a draw for the Knights.

    • Will Corcoran '14

      Men's Soccer Rebounds with 5-2 Win

      Despite a spirited second-half performance, topped off by senior Alex Voorhees’ brilliant goal from a free kick, the Men’s soccer team had their perfect start to the season snapped at the hands of St. John’s University in a heartbreaking 2-1 overtime loss.

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    • Hye Mi Ahn

      Present Value of Happiness

      The class of 2013 will graduate as the American economy experiences a painfully slow recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression. The national unemployment rate is still alarmingly high at 8.2% and the rest of the world hasn’t fared much better: the Euro-crisis seems never ending and even China’s indomitable growth has sputtered and slowed.


      Carleton College: The One-Party Bubble

      Consider the Republican Carl. Does he embrace the GOP party platform? Did she campaign for Mitt Romney this summer? Is he a fiscal conservative but a social liberal? Does she support voter ID legislation? The world may never know.

    • Ready for the New Year? So Are We!

      Once upon a time, it was a new school year at Carleton. Without last year’s seniors, there was an empty hole that left the campus feeling deprived and in need of a new student presence. Luckily, the Class of 2016 arrived to complete the Carl package of awesomeness and the upperclassmen welcomed them with open arms.

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