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2012 Fall Issue 3 (October 5, 2012)


  • The Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

    An Open Letter to “Carleton College”

    I urge Carleton College to take an institutional stand against the Marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution. Eric Sieger, Director of Media Relations, has stated that, “[Carleton] does not take political stances on social issues that do not involve our core educational mission.”

  • Former Vikings player Matt Birk controversially supported the amendment.

    Minnesota Marriage Amendment Looms Large; Divides Students, Minnesotans

    In little over a month, voters across Minnesota will go to the polls to decide whether or not the state constitution should be amended to explicitly ban marriage between partners of the same sex.

  • The One-Party Bubble

    On Assumptions and “The One- Party Bubble”

    I’m not a Republican, but I’m also not a Democrat, and I know I’m not the only person who was upset by Dan Antoszyk’s article in The Carletonian a few weeks ago, “Carleton College: The One Party Bubble.”

  • democrats and republicans

    How to Win a Debate: Judging Books by Their Covers

    On Wednesday night, President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney debated on live TV for the first time. According to polls from CNN news, 67% thought that Romney “won” the debate, claiming that he appeared more “in command” than Obama.