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2013 Winter Issue 8 (March 8, 2013)

    • Sophie Siegel-Warren's COMPs play

      Three Plays in Two Weeks: Here’s What You Missed

      The half-dozen student shows staged the past two weeks have been an interesting buffet of diverse styles and tastes for the Carleton theatergoer and, as always, a chance to enjoy the class and creativity of one’s peers.

    • Composer Sarah Kirkland Snider and Shara Worden teamed up to create the musical experience.

      “Penelope” Takes Listeners on Odyssey From a Female Perspective

      The Laudie D. Porter Guest Artist Concert on Feb. 28th featured an emphatic and moving performance of “Penelope” in the Skinner Memorial Chapel.

    • Does Res Life know you better than you know yourself?

      Freshman Roommate Pairings:

      Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear that the ResLife staffers in charge of pairing first-year roommates seem to possess an uncanny, practically Orwellian, degree of insight into the psyches their awkward, pimply building blocks, an almost alchemistic talent in forging relationships among high-school haters for whom the overused “quirky” is kind. 

    • Professor Gao Hong Dice

      Students, Professor Win Grant to Pursue Musical Research

      Gao Hong Dice, Lecturer in Chinese Musical Instruments, and Carleton students Kim Bauer ’13, Yawen Chen ’15, and Joseph Concannon ’13 are awarded an ASIANetwork grant to continue the efforts of exploring and preserving Chinese ancient temple music. 


      Former Ambassador Kurtzer Gives Talk on Israeli-Palestinian Road to Peace

      Former US Ambassador to Egypt and Israel, Daniel Kurtzer gave a peace talk on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Twin Cities. A busload of Carleton students trekked north last February, 27th to hear Kurtzer’s opinion of what is really going on between Israel and Palestine: is the process towards peace at a standstill or is it possible in the near future?

    • A poster in Sayles calls students to take action against violence

      Carleton Group Challenges National Gun Violence

      “Gun control is a serious problem, and something needs to be done to stop that.” So spoke Mary Lewis Grow, founder of the Carleton Challenge Against Gun Violence, Carleton’s newest activist group on campus.

    • Students look at the decision making board for whether they should be special CogSci majors.

      Is Carleton Too Strict About the Special Majors Policy?

      As the time for members of the sophomore class to declare their majors, it seems likely that at least a few of them might not be satisfied with the present slate of options. So some of them might avail themselves of the option undertaken by few Carleton students: declaring a special major.

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    • Posters urge divestment from large companies who support child labor or use fossil fuels.

      The Fundamental Assumption of Divestment

      In last week’s “Defense of Divestment” article, Patrick Burke, Zachary Levonian and Isaama Stoll wrote, “unethical investment is the product of the greater corrupt, capitalist system, deeply rooted in some of the ideals of the United States.” The assumption that we exist in a corrupt, unresponsive capitalist system is both deeply misguided and wrong.

    • Faith and Choice

      On February 23, I travelled to the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul for Pro-Choice Lobby Day with Becky Katz ‘14. While there I attended a workshop focused on religion and choice.

    • A vegan meal at Carleton

      Winter Term Vegan Challenge

      I don’t know what got into me. I am a cheese-loving girl from small town Wisconsin. At the beginning of this term, I decided to have a go at veganism for a term.

    • Students and faculty at Oberlin College gather about the recent hate incidents.

      Hate Crimes at Liberal Arts Colleges

      Earlier today, we received a forwarded email from a friend with the headline “Hate Crimes at St. Olaf.” The email was from an individual who identified himself as “Stephen, a PhD candidate here in Minnesota” who is also involved with the Students for Justice in Palestine organizations at both the University of Minnesota and St. Olaf.

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