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  • Letter to the Editor

    [Content warning: sexual misconduct]

    I am writing to ask for students’ help in improving our campus culture surrounding sexual misconduct.

    Carleton College is participating in the HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey, which will ask students about their perceptions of Carleton’s climate regarding unwanted sexual contact, their impressions of how Carleton addresses and responds to sexual assault, and the extent to which students have experienced unwanted sexual contact.

    We would like to hear from all Carleton students—those who have experienced unwanted sexual contact and those who have not. The survey is crucial because it is the only way to get an anonymous and accurate account of what’s happening on campus, as we know much sexual misconduct goes unreported.

    Your participation in the survey will help us to better understand and improve our campus. After the survey closes, Carleton will be able to compare our data with peer institutions. This will help Carleton identify issues on campus that need to be addressed through greater prevention and response efforts.

    This survey is short and will only take 15 minutes of your time. It is completely anonymous and will remain open through the month of April. Search for the link in your email and please take the survey.
    If you have any questions, please contact me at


    Laura Riehle-Merrill

  • The Decision Whether to Separate the Art from the Artist Should be One Made on a Personal Level

    Allegations against celebrities that have accompanied the #MeToo movement have revitalized the debate of whether a work of art can be separated from its creator. I did not immediately lean to one side or the other, so I did what many people nowadays do when faced with difficult moral questions: I Googled it.

  • The Three Hardest Words to Say are “I Miss You”

    There’s another set of three words that are more difficult to say than “I love you.” I love you’s come from moments of joy and happiness and hope. You say them because you believe in the future of that relationship, a future with that person. Some people say I love you’s like their lives depend on it.

  • Looking the Part: the Problem with the President's Personnel Priorities

    In a recent reshuffling of personnel, Donald Trump replaced his former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton.  For anyone keeping track, Bolton is Trump’s third National Security Advisor–in case you forgot about Michael Flynn, who is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about his connections with Russian agents.

  • Comps Taught Me How to Love Writing Again

    Is it bad to admit that I fully enjoyed doing comps? For my entire junior year, I watched senior friends power through sleepless nights to produce a product that, at the end of the day, is pass/fail.

  • An Interfaith Community at Carleton Strengthens Religious Identity

    Last week, I realized in a sort of panic that I need to find a synagogue to attend after graduation, and an Episcopal church, and also probably an evangelical church.  Let me explain - I was raised in a quiet, mainline Protestant church in a liberal and largely secular town. My youth group went to a megachurch-type retreat once a year and then thoroughly critiqued the church’s conservative views, and my interfaith experiences were limited to a few Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. I wasn’t vocal about my religious practice – I never prayed out loud, and faith wasn’t something that I talked about with my friends.  

  • The March for Our Lives: How Do Your Experiences Shape Your View of the Gun Debate?

    The right to carry protects people against tyranny.

  • The March for Our Lives: How Do Your Experiences Shape Your View of the Gun Debate?

    As protesters, we need to be aware of double standards...

  • Viewpoint: A More Holistic View of Gun Control

    Conservatives get at least one thing right: the United States’ abundance of guns cannot be realistically legislated away, at least in this generation.

  • Your life extends far beyond the boundaries of campus (Login Required)

    I would encourage everyone to engage with the Northfield community, whether with students or in any other way. It’s important to me to remember that a world outside of my classes and activities exists and to look outside of that smaller world to support others, and perhaps it will be important to you, too.

  • As Carls we're all Minnesotans (Login Required)

    Local politics are often messy, but they can have a greater impact than we in our bubble might ever know. I highly encourage you to give them a second glance.

  • Have high standards for others in relationships (Login Required)

    Hypothetically, we know we want to be with someone who is kind and generous and respectful. We have superfluous and sometimes superficial categories we look for, like their hobbies and physical characteristics, but oftentimes don’t plan to budge on those three central wish list items. So why, often times, do we find ourselves with people that lack these qualities so thoroughly? Do we want these things in theory but expect to be let down?