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  • Investment Office without any employees (Login Required)

    The college endowment, which is in the top 10 for similarly-ranked liberal arts schools, supports financial aid, faculty salaries, the career center, building maintenance and general operations of the college, according to Joe Hargis, Associate Vice President for External Relations. These various funds provide roughly 30 percent of the college’s annual operating budget.

  • College renews Title IX search (Login Required)

    “I think we’re casting a wider net, in terms of letting the job posting go. Initially, we may not have given ourselves enough time to look for quality candidates.”

  • ResLife increases availability for Northfield Option (Login Required)

    "Carleton has a commitment to being a residential campus. Part of that is providing on-campus living options."

  • SOAN course filled with Comp Sci majors (Login Required)

    “Algorithms can discriminate. At least coming into the class, you think of a computer as just an object that can’t discriminate. It doesn’t have a brain, but humans made the computer. Our biases are hard-coded into the computer. If you look up three black teenagers on Google images, you’re going to get mugshots, if you look up three white teenagers you’re going to get stock photos.”

  • OCS cancels Guatemala program (Login Required)

    The OCS Office and Anthropology Professor Jay Levi, who was to lead the program, said that the program was cancelled due to a low number of applicants.

  • Calculus curriculum content to be revamped (Login Required)

    “STEM education has evolved a lot since traditional ordering in calculus was established. And, calculus hasn’t changed that much."

  • Facilities to construct geothermal wells (Login Required)

    "Rather than actively using energy to make things hotter or cooler, this system is less energy intensive."

  • Senators reach out to students through social media (Login Required)

    “Every student at Carleton is a part of CSA, and our goal is to make sure people understand that.”

  • PossePlus Retreat explores division on campus, and around country (Login Required)

    “I learned a little bit more about my own identities, which ones are invisible, hidden, and which ones I display. I also learned more about how other people on the campus think and how their experiences shape how they move through the world. It was a pretty eye opening retreat. I was learning something new in every discussion.”

  • African and African American Studies to become Africana Studies (Login Required)

    “This binary doesn’t address the complexity and multiplicity of the identities and experiences in histories.”

  • Poly Sci popular major for the class of 2019 (Login Required)

    “I think Trump’s going to take credit for our major. He’s going to tweet, ‘Political science majors way up.’ The election was kind of a wake-up call that we can’t ignore everyday politics. This political game has rules and we’re going to have to understand them if we’re going to win.”

  • Tuition increase to cover health care costs, financial aid (Login Required)

    The cost of attending Carleton will increase for the 2017-18 school to $66,414 per year, up $2,343 from the 2016-17 school year. The higher costs are primarily due to faculty compensation increases and higher average financial aid.