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  • Sunday Night Trivia moves to Imminent Brewing (Login Required)

    Each team is given a pen and a pad of paper. Chakladar reads out the questions and the teams record their answers—in an atmosphere Young describes as “quiet but tense.” Then they pass their papers to the adjacent team and Chakladar reads out the correct answers.

  • New pre-law advisor hired (Login Required)

    “I’m looking forward to getting to know students and am excited to transition from a larger university campus to a smaller campus setting,” said Clemens. Her role as the Career Center’s sole Pre-Law Advisor is a position that Internship Program Director Rachel Leatham assumed in the interim since the departure of the previous advisor, Erin Chamlee.

  • "Colors of Confinement" premieres at Library (Login Required)

    The “Colors of Confinement” Gould Library exhibit and its supplemental displays feature Shigemura’s story and many others. On display are memoirs, letters, artist books, photographs and more.

  • Departments study the results of new minors (Login Required)

    The 2017-2018 academic year marks the first time departments can have minors.

  • Students wade into gun control debate (Login Required)

    Our writer explores the recent campus discussions on gun control, including a CSA forum and a small group working to rewrite gun control laws.

  • Sitting down with the Yentas, Carleton's new matchmakers (Login Required)

    Two seniors bring their informal matchmaking business-- just among friends-- to the rest of campus. 

  • Career Center reopens in redone facility (Login Required)

    After almost 40 years, the Career Center moves from Sayles-Hill to Johnson House.

  • GSC highlights student stories in new series (Login Required)

    The Gender and Sexuality Center's fall program, titled "Telling Our Journeys," is a series of events on gender, sexuality and other identities. 

  • Good food, better beer at Tanzenwald (Login Required)

    One of our writers visited the new Tanzenwald Brewery to taste some of the menu. Here are his thoughts.

  • Parents, first-years fear college isolation (Login Required)

    One writer explores the trend highlighted in a recent New York Times article about first year students feeling isolated, a byproduct of heavy social medial use.

  • Imminent Brewing: good beer, friendly space (Login Required)

    One of our writers spotted by Northfield's new brewery to chat with the owners and taste some of the beer.

  • Renowned novelist Kalia Yang discusses her craft (Login Required)

    "Becoming a renowned writer is no easier than becoming a renowned athlete. It is a long path and you will just have to take the difficulties and go through them."