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  • Student entrepreneurs launch ice cream co. (Login Required)

    Just a few months ago, Beau Smit ’17 and Rohan Mukherjee ’19 had no idea they’d become business partners, but found themselves on that path regardless. “We have similar interests, very counterbalancing traits, so we decided to go into business together and found this company,” Mukherjee said.

  • Rising Star Kamaiyah plays at Cowling Hauntcert (Login Required)

    “We have a lot of white dudes performing at our school, at the Cave and at Spring Concert,” Nate said. “So we were really excited to have such a badass feminist lady of color; it’s just what we want to be about at SAO. “

  • Mandarin Garden’s not-so-secret menu (Login Required)

    "The Mandarin Garden, a Chinese restaurant on 4th street, has more to its menu than meets the eye. Five years ago, owner Pai Yang launched her ‘secret’ Chinese menu, a weekly, handwritten menu of traditional Chinese and Taiwanese dishes that come from Yang’s childhood."

  • Carleton to host Northfield mayoral debate (Login Required)

    "This Wednesday, November 2, Carleton College will host a debate between the Northfield mayoral candidates in the Great Hall at 7 p.m. The event is open to the public."

  • Students create farm education programming (Login Required)

    "The Young Farmer Summer Seminar is set to run this summer, with applications open online at"

  • Senate shows solidarity for protestors (Login Required)

    "On Monday, September 26, CSA unanimously passed a resolution in solidarity with the Sacred Stone Camp protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    “Solidarity is us saying we see you and we are with you,” said CSA President Tiffany Thet ’17."

  • Sean Sherman: Famous chef to speak at Carleton (Login Required)

    "Chef Sean Sherman is in many ways a rebel. Drawing on revolutionary influences including Picasso, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Crazy Horse, he is attempting to reclaim indigenous cuisine, creating a movement that is much bigger than just food."

  • Skinner Memorial Chapel celebrates 100th birthday on cusp of Sesquicentennial (Login Required)

    "Dedicated 100 years ago this week, Skinner Memorial Chapel is celebrating its centennial. The monolithic gray stone building—sometimes heard playing eerie bell renditions of Star Wars—is perhaps the most recognizable building on campus, thanks to its beautiful English gothic architecture and majestic bell tower that commands the campus center."

  • Professor Kalia Yang on writing, dreams and history (Login Required)

    “I knew I would leave Carleton and do a lot of things, and maybe one day come back. I didn’t think I’d leave Carleton, die, and then come back.”

  • Goats in the Arb: Friendly to the ground and students (Login Required)

    "At the beginning of fall term, many students across campus were transfixed by the new invasive species management system being implemented in the woods near upper Arb: a herd of goats. Working their way across campus, the goats were here for much of the summer."

  • Performers at the Cave.

    Sylvie Graubard: Behind the bookings for the Cave (Login Required)

    "As booking manager, Graubard is in charge of reaching out to artists and booking agents, negotiating contracts, and keeping performers satisfied on show night."

  • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    Accomplished journalists visit Carleton (Login Required)

    "On Monday, Sept. 19, a panel, entitled “Sense and Nonsense: Clinton, Trump, and the Media in 2016,” brought together a group of prominent journalists to talk about the election and the media’s role in it. Anna Palmer of Politico, James Hohmann of the Washington Post, and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times gathered in the Weitz Common Space to discuss the current election, analyze the role of media in politics and answer questions from the audience. John Harris, ’85 and founder of Politico, moderated."