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  • Editorial: The stewardship of ideas

    "Yes, it’s probably fair to say Carleton leans left, but doing so also blankets the campus in one beige color of sameness. I worry about those who feel they don’t fit into the beige blanket."

  • San Diego

    Touching down in “America’s Finest City”

    I know that this phrase signals home. I know the descent of planes into “America’s Finest City” by heart. I love San Diego so much that my fear of flying vanishes when I see the landmarks of the place I was born during the flight descent.

  • The minor grievances of home

    Eau Claire is a pretty typical Midwestern town. There isn’t much to do. There are a couple of rivers (floating on the Chippewa River is popular in the summer months), some decent restaurants, and a few movie theaters, including one of the ever-rarer nostalgia mines that is the drive-in theater.

  • A place at the top

    I hail from Edina, Minnesota: land of the cake eaters and home of the world’s first indoor shopping mall. I grew up in a Minnesotan paradise full of large houses, country clubs, fake tanned people, and Juicy Couture sweat suits.

  • New England mountains


    Things That Complicate My Relationship With New England.

  • Climate change and the many faces of denial: A response on divestment

    I believe the Board’s response [to divestment] is part of a problem of mass denial, a failure in the consciousness of our society as a whole.

  • Letter to the Editor

    We live in a society of fear. We Americans, we Minnesotans, we Carls do live in fear of ourselves and our own thoughts.

  • This week's Editorial

    Yesterday I watched five bison go from living animals to flanks of meat ready to be cut and packaged for consumption.

  • We should have done it yesterday

    The simple arithmetic of the fossil fuel problem

  • Can Carleton really sidestep politics?

    They are ignoring the irony of “securing” Carleton’s future by profiting off a business plan that will destroy that very future.

  • Not merely symbolic: aligning deeds with values

    I believe that the most profound existential crisis the human species has ever faced --- global warming and climate change ---- is sufficient grounds for the change of course suggested by Mr. Weitz and the Board of Trustees.

  • Seeking sustainable, not political

    My work at Carleton as a food activist could perhaps be interpreted as “food divestment.”