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  • Divestment, Now it's up to the board

    At Carleton, support for divestment is strong and growing stronger. Now CRIC, a group created by the Board of Trustees itself to furnish recommendations for more responsible investing, has issued a resounding call to action. The initiative rests with the Board of Trustees.

  • Great Expectations

    We’re all just trying to survive the dating game, looking for happiness, and we can only do so the way that feels authentic to us individually.

  • Nice guys don’t finish first

    You need to know your self worth: you need to know that you can afford to be picky. You can afford to reject those first dates and not have a guilty conscience over it because you’re afraid of hurting a nice boy’s feelings.

  • The fight is now

    I was taught how to walk, talk, date, and love like man, a straight man. But now, several years later, I’m trying to understand why no one in my environments was challenging the structures of gender and sexuality.

  • Tomboyish girly girl?

    Forcing me to be something I’m not, even if it helps the feminist movement, is incredibly hypocritical. I am a feminist. I am a young woman. But my most important label is “person.”

  • We’re “missing” out enough already

    The relative differences of experiences among our friends and social groups shouldn’t have any bearing on us and each other. And yet they still unintentionally suggest feelings of missing out, for whatever factors that shape our emotional expectations.

  • Enjoy the view

    As a freshman, my transition to Carleton was not as seamless as I would've liked it to be. Creating a life you like in a new place takes work. Here are a few things I learned through that process.

  • The introverts dilemma

    I am here to provide a testimony to the always interesting, sometimes traumatic, but overall amazing experience that is being a Carleton freshman.

  • Every beautiful thing

    Here at Carleton, I have already had many beautiful moments and I hope everyone else is also enjoying every beautiful moment as they flicker into existence and decay into the past.

  • Food for thought: freshmen can go green

    “The newest, freshest zucchini is the most flavorful.” New students have so much power, never forget that. You have important energy and perspective to bring to the table.

  • Turn down for what?

    When you’ve been struggling to stay awake for the past week, or when all you want to do is to not leave the room and face the outside world, listen to your gut feeling and what your body is telling you. The parties and wild nights will be there every weekend, they can wait; your mental health and well-being always come first.

  • Sentimental cost of education

    I think that we should move towards a day and age where the kind of education we have here isn’t as confined to traditional colleges and universities, nor as expensive.