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  • Beyond easy rhetoric (Login Required)

    I do take issue with the ways in which comparatively privileged white women have taken this term and watered down its original meaning. In the spirit of answering the prompt as given to me, I’ll say that I feel empowered and inspired when I read feminist writings and make myself engage with the arguments those authors put forth. But so many frankly absurd things are allegedly “empowering” today – buy this skincare product! Take this yoga class! Read Ivanka Trump’s new book! It’ll empower you as a woman!

  • Taking stock of 20 years of Radiohead's Ok Computer (Login Required)

    A prophetic sound

  • Don't trust the Ivanka with the bob (Login Required)

    You will be innocent until proven guilty and in all likelihood your innocence will never be up for debate. Guilty is not a label white women are given.

  • Falling short? (Login Required)

    Admitting a position outside of the echo chamber

  • Navigating my frustration with identity politics (Login Required)

    What hurts the most, however, is that those who accuse me of wallowing in the world of white America forget that I, in many parts of this country that I love, am still viewed with suspicion and even hatred. There are some people who think of me as an outsider, a parasite who has to be “returned” to the land where I really belong. Those who play the game of identity politics conveniently forget that I at times have faced onslaughts of racial slurs that many readers of this column are most likely, and most unfortunately, all too familiar with.

  • Beyond "liberal" and "conservative" (Login Required)

    If there is anything most Carls have in common in regards to their political ideologies, it is the belief against dehumanization.

  • Extremism inside the ivory tower (Login Required)

    The “conservative” beliefs I was thinking of can be discussed. Sure, they might not be fun discussions, but I have enough faith in us Carls that we would listen to each other.

  • A daily protest (Login Required)

    Not only does food construct community, memories, and satiated appetites, eating it is one of the most intimate ways to reconnect to nature.

  • When the streets go quiet (Login Required)

    What we do may seem radical, but it is actually simple. For example, if a patient must keep the abortion a secret from their family, we can look them in the eye to provide comfort. This isn’t a special role; it is being human. Being a doula can mean wiping away a tear, chatting about the weather, or breathing alongside patients. As human beings, we doulas are sensitive to the array of emotions that one in every three women will experience at some point in their life.

  • Between criticism and acceptance (Login Required)

    Ultimately, I want to recognize that the agreeable style of protesting that characterizes Food Truth and the Benedictine nuns and the aggressively honest style of my crazy English teacher are both important. Because ideas cannot be simultaneously subverted and promoted, there can’t be a “right” way to protest when dealing with contentious issues like food. When the need to appeal to an audience clashes with the need to spread new values, activists must choose a way to protest that feels comfortable to them and then contribute within those bounds.

  • If it gets the point across... (Login Required)

    By stopping traffic, these people in their cars are temporarily struggling through circumstances that they cannot control. BLM uses this tactic as a way of representing the struggles the black community suffers through, struggles that they too cannot control.

  • Pax Americana: The need for U.S. intervention (Login Required)

    There are moments where eloquently written speeches and diplomatic resolutions at the United Nations fall short, and that is when the time for kinetic action begins.