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  • Professor Kalia Yang on writing, dreams and history (Login Required)

    “I knew I would leave Carleton and do a lot of things, and maybe one day come back. I didn’t think I’d leave Carleton, die, and then come back.”

  • Goats in the Arb: Friendly to the ground and students (Login Required)

    "At the beginning of fall term, many students across campus were transfixed by the new invasive species management system being implemented in the woods near upper Arb: a herd of goats. Working their way across campus, the goats were here for much of the summer."

  • Performers at the Cave.

    Sylvie Graubard: Behind the bookings for the Cave (Login Required)

    "As booking manager, Graubard is in charge of reaching out to artists and booking agents, negotiating contracts, and keeping performers satisfied on show night."

  • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    Accomplished journalists visit Carleton (Login Required)

    "On Monday, Sept. 19, a panel, entitled “Sense and Nonsense: Clinton, Trump, and the Media in 2016,” brought together a group of prominent journalists to talk about the election and the media’s role in it. Anna Palmer of Politico, James Hohmann of the Washington Post, and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times gathered in the Weitz Common Space to discuss the current election, analyze the role of media in politics and answer questions from the audience. John Harris, ’85 and founder of Politico, moderated."

  • Cranes made by students in remembrance of Sid.

    In Remembrance: Sidharth Ramakrishnan (Login Required)

    "Friends of Mr. Ramakrishnan described him as a caring person who wanted to make the world a better place. He was known to touch others through deeply philosophical conversations that made his peers think critically and creatively. One friend, who wished to remain anonymous, admired his excitement for sharing and discussing ideas from religion to philanthropic ventures."

  • NSW features revamped alcohol seminar (Login Required)

    "In previous years, the topics taught in AlcoholEdu, such as recognizing a standard drink, staying safe, and helping others, overlapped with what was taught in The Buzz. Now, with What’s Your BAC?, alcohol talks at NSW have diversified to show that options for both drinking and not drinking are available to Carleton students"

  • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    Freshman starts his Carleton career in full gear (Login Required)

    "And then there is Ezra Ward-Packard, ’20. As a 22-year-old Carleton freshman who is commencing his undergraduate experience after three years in work as competitive cyclist, he breaks the typical firstyear mold in multiple aspects. If he started college the year after graduating from high school in 2013, he would now be among the college’s current seniors."

  • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

    The 1929 Algol controversy (Login Required)

    "This week’s topic is a rehashing of former Archivist Mark A. Greene’s “Raiders” column from January 17, 1986. Greene’s column (and Carletonians dating to 1877, in fact) can be viewed on the Archives’ website, and the banned yearbook supplement (see below) can be viewed by request. This is a friendly reminder to readers that the Carleton Archives’ vast collection is available and intended for all to utilize! Everyone can find something of interest in the documents and photographs, many of which are also available in the Archives’ Digital Collections."

  • Visiting English profs bring new perspectives (Login Required)

    "The English major is not only a precursor to grad school but [also to] a whole range of careers where you use language and literary skills. We want to bring people from these diverse fields to our department."

  • The newly renovated Northfield Public Library.

    New Northfield Public Library opens to the public (Login Required)

    "Sometimes I think the public library is…not a secret, but maybe it’s possible that Carleton students don’t know so much about it....So I hope they take the opportunity to come. It’s right off campus, it’s really close."

  • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

    The 1930 Guinea Pig Epidemic (Login Required)

    I find myself frequently writing about the history of buildings and places at Carleton, so I decided to switch things up this week. Most of the material is quoted from the Archives’ Roy A. Waggener Papers. Waggener taught Zoology at Carleton from 1928 to 1955.

  • Photo by Amanda Zellinger.

    Carleton's connection to the church next door (Login Required)

    Though the relationship between the church and the college has receded, Lippert and Fure-Slocum were excited to share the story of Carleton’s beginnings and the attachment to the Congregationalists, because it is a tale often forgotten on campus. As Lippert said, "There are always these hidden stories that we don’t really know about, but they are shaping us all the time."