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  • Iveta Jusova (Login Required)

    Iveta Jusová, professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program in Europe, leads the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program.

  • Carleton grapples with federal hiring freeze (Login Required)

    "How do I follow this a different way and do something potentially that could help protect the parks rather than working directly for the Park Service?"

  • Merchant of Venice reflects on current political climate (Login Required)

    "We're not trying to put on a sort of museum piece of a dusty old play. We are using an old play as a vehicle to explore concerns that are of immediate relevance to us."

  • Carleton to continue all first-year floors (Login Required)

    “This was really a pilot year, and it makes sense to continue the floors.”

  • Pied Pipers perform playful student-directed music (Login Required)

    “Over break, I watched Alice in Wonderland and thought ‘Adam in Wonderland,’” Johnson said, referencing the story’s title. She then set about writing the story, a “spoof of Alice in Wonderland where Adam eats a brownie and starts hallucinating.”

  • Hamilton encourages whimsy in writing (Login Required)

    “Does the moral arc of the universe tend toward justice?” Hamilton asked. “I don’t know. But we will all be writing out of wonder, outrage, despair, and hope.”

  • BodyCartography's FELT ROOM: A new dance experience (Login Required)

    These moments of touch take different forms depending on which distinct phase of the performance the dancers are in, which means that, at any one moment, the clear demarcations between the audience and the performers are questioned.

  • New student groups form to combat a Trump presidency (Login Required)

    "There are so many people who are fired up now and are really motivated to create change that weren't really involved earlier...when it gets too big people fall through the cracks."

  • ETB presents two new student-written plays: Not about Victory and Therapy (Login Required)

    “Actors can prioritize their connection with the script without having to fear the process of memorization, and work on understanding the minutiae of the text.”

  • Biology Professor Rika Anderson returns to Carleton.

    Rika Anderson '06 returns to Carleton to teach biology (Login Required)

    “Biology has changed so much in the past ten years and it’s undergoing a revolution in terms of DNA sequencing.”

  • Perlman Museum showcases Chinese paintings (Login Required)

    Last Friday, the Perlman Teaching Museum gave a scholarly welcome to its latest exhibit, “Preserving China’s Past: Paintings of the Ming-Qing Dynasties.”

  • Student entrepreneurs launch ice cream co. (Login Required)

    Just a few months ago, Beau Smit ’17 and Rohan Mukherjee ’19 had no idea they’d become business partners, but found themselves on that path regardless. “We have similar interests, very counterbalancing traits, so we decided to go into business together and found this company,” Mukherjee said.