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  • Professor Fred Hagstrom reflects on life at Carleton (Login Required)

    Hagstrom’s interest in books arose around ten years ago and was inspired by his students. “They are all so narratively driven,” he explained.

  • Emily Ross '17 wins prized Watson Fellowship (Login Required)

    "The Watson was really intriguing because there is no prescribed outcome."

  • Smoke and Haze: Discussing marijuana use at Carleton (Login Required)

    “We try and stay in tune with how many of our students are using marijuana on campus, are using alcohol, are using other drugs, what are our rates of mental health and other things like that. We need more data in order to understand that too.” 

  • Studio Art courses change registration process (Login Required)

    “We instituted this [the current registration system] as a way to try to address [majors not getting into the classes]. The process allowed the art department more control over the makeup of its classes, but created other problems of its own."

  • Black Student Alliance We Speak event honors Black History Month (Login Required)

    “In past years we have done Reform Week which is just a solid week of events in celebration of Black History Month and we didn’t do that this year because it was a completely new board and we kinda were a little bit lost on planning all of that. But we have had a series of events during Black History Month that have celebrated it. We had a black history jeopardy game at our meeting. We had dinner with Jason Sole, the president of the Minneapolis NAACP."

  • Rail initiative on track (Login Required)

    "Making public transportation options more widely available is a really important thing to has vast environmental implications."

  • Campus prepares for threats to birth control (Login Required)

    In light of the Trump campaign’s anti-choice rhetoric, student organizations, SHAC and the GSC have raised and pondered many questions and concerns about what the Trump administration means for women’s access to reproductive care, birth control, and abortion.

  • Iveta Jusova (Login Required)

    Iveta Jusová, professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program in Europe, leads the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program.

  • Carleton grapples with federal hiring freeze (Login Required)

    "How do I follow this a different way and do something potentially that could help protect the parks rather than working directly for the Park Service?"

  • Merchant of Venice reflects on current political climate (Login Required)

    "We're not trying to put on a sort of museum piece of a dusty old play. We are using an old play as a vehicle to explore concerns that are of immediate relevance to us."

  • Carleton to continue all first-year floors (Login Required)

    “This was really a pilot year, and it makes sense to continue the floors.”

  • Pied Pipers perform playful student-directed music (Login Required)

    “Over break, I watched Alice in Wonderland and thought ‘Adam in Wonderland,’” Johnson said, referencing the story’s title. She then set about writing the story, a “spoof of Alice in Wonderland where Adam eats a brownie and starts hallucinating.”