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  • Self-love

    One of the jarring things for me upon coming to Carleton last year was the realization that the vast majority of my new friends suffered from anxiety or depression at one point or another.

  • Insight and Intimacy

    You two look so cute together in photos! But do you and your Very Special Someone (VSS) have a relationship that deserves such smiles?

  • The Limits of Essays

    Last winter, I took a philosophy class called, “Philosophy of Love and Friendship,” and it’s the reason I now have an anthology called, “Philosophy of (Erotic) Love” on my bookshelf.

  • Piles

    I was in my favorite thrift store right before I left for college, and while I normally love shopping, I could only convince myself to buy one thing.

  • A Toxic Environment

    I still remember the night my freshman fall when someone vomited all over my favorite jacket.

  • Meet Your Food

    Imagine yourself cultivating with a shopping cart or hunting in the woods with a coupon booklet.

  • Smashing! A Nigel Thornberry Reflection

    A decade ago, in a land of talking animals and mobile transforming homes, lived a man that captured my animal-loving heart.

  • On Thinghood, Waste, and Reusable Cups

    My sister is a dumpster diver. I don’t think it’s possible for her to go anywhere without veering into a trashcan.

  • Can Foodies Love Fritos? Thoughts from a confused environmental-foodie hypocrite

    Do I consider myself an environmentalist – yes! Do I eat Oreos and fly in airplanes– yes! Am I hypocritical – maybe.

  • Your Life is Your Legacy

    Ask a Carl, “What are your traditions?” You will probably hear a detached recounting of what makes Carleton known outside its own community, as if tradition means a trite section of the campus tour script.

  • Whither the Acceptance Pic?

    If you pay close attention, you can definitely tell the signs of changes that go up while the leaves fall today, and like the leaves this year, these signs are showing more conspicuously than before.

  • Silly Days

    I always thought movies like “Animal House” were very amusing, but also completely made up.