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2017 Winter Issue 8 (March 3, 2017)

    • Carleton not to pursue test optional status (Login Required)

      "In general, any kind of educational change you want to involve everyone in the process as much as possible. The least popular changes are the ones that happen without any student input."

    • Campus to include Muslim interest house (Login Required)

      “I think the residents will end up shaping the house in the way they want.”

    • College prepares for construction (Login Required)

      “It will be a huge project, probably the largest project, dollar wise, that the college has ever done. Given the site, the fact that we’ll be constructing new buildings and connecting them to two existing buildings while they’re in use and the fact that the construction is happening at the heart of campus means that there are going to be some disruptions and some inconveniences,”

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    • Smoke and Haze: Discussing marijuana use at Carleton (Login Required)

      “We try and stay in tune with how many of our students are using marijuana on campus, are using alcohol, are using other drugs, what are our rates of mental health and other things like that. We need more data in order to understand that too.” 

    • Studio Art courses change registration process (Login Required)

      “We instituted this [the current registration system] as a way to try to address [majors not getting into the classes]. The process allowed the art department more control over the makeup of its classes, but created other problems of its own."

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    • Amy Roach and Seth Waag-Swift: Competing at the sole Carleton divers (Login Required)

      “I’ve tried a lot of sports and I always just get discouraged because everyone’s too competitive, and I’m a sensitive little flower that just can’t deal with it. But for some reason this sport has the craziest environment between competitors. Maybe it’s a feature of the teams being small, but within the MIAC we all know all of the divers, we know what they’re working on, we know the new dives they’re trying to get. At every meet, you cheer for everyone.”

    • The true knights of Carleton (Login Required)

      The ten fencers who participate regularly come from a variety of backgrounds, although most had no experience prior to coming to Carleton.

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    • Humor valuable part of political discourse (Login Required)

      Humor is very raw. It can be sharp to the touch. It can be dangerous; but it can also keep us safe.

    • "That IS funny" (Login Required)

      It is common to hear that certain subjects or groups of people are "off limits," but such broad prohibitions are absurd. There are ways to joke about difficult subjects constructively, and comedy does far more social good than harm.

    • Humor in the age of outrage (Login Required)

      Every usage of racial slurs and offensive perjoratives served to highlight the absurdity of the entire situation being shown on screen.

    • Trying (and failing) to go on autopilot (Login Required)

      I suspect a survival mechanism kicked in somewhere along the way for her, a desire to shrink and simplify the world, to focus on what she could: her job, her family, her friends. Even my father, the news junkie of the family, tends toward passivity. Since Inauguration Day, he has often said of everything done by the new administration, ever so blandly, "We'll see."

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