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  • Slow Down and Listen to the Music

    Work, meetings, studies, socials, meals, travel, hobbies- how can you possibly fit it all into a day? A week?

  • One More Loss to Master

    When I was younger, I lost a lot of things. Objects, mostly: mittens, hats, cell phones, books—many of which turned up in the lost and found or in the fermenting bottom of my locker, but some of which were never seen again.

  • Scraped Knees and Princess Dresses

    When I was little I climbed trees, had tea parties, scraped my knees, and wore princess dresses.

  • Tell Me How You Really Feel

    You are not your parents. The 2004 Gallup post-presidential election polls show that more than 70% of youth vote just like their parents, probably because they believe they share the same political stance.

  • Ask Aphrodite

    Dear Aphro,

    I think I’m madly in love with my roommate’s amour. We’re a pretty close trio. Ah!! What do I do?

    Please help, Lusting Lucy

  • Big Questions and the Big Bang

    If you have never philosophized about what came “before” the Big Bang, it may be a fun little enterprise for you to ponder in passing time, or perhaps a larger existential question from which you derive some sort of meaning.

  • It’s On Us: Wrong For Our Community?

    Around mid-September, the White House unveiled a new initiative to work towards ending sexual violence specifically on college campuses.

  • The Happiness Myth

    Often, moments of insight don’t come from reading Tolstoy and listening to Bach.

  • Checked Out: Guidelines for Interacting with a Cashier

    If I go home over a break, I typically work some hours at the job I have held for about a year and a half: cashier at a large retail chain.

  • Talking Animals

    This morning, a squirrel hopped up on the windowsill and peered intently at me through the glass.

  • A Faculty Voice For Divestment

    On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) will hold a town-hall meeting (Great Hall, 6-8 pm) to discuss divesting the Carleton endowment from fossil fuels.

  • John Oliver Roasts the News

    Search engines can continue to amaze, while also qualifying a bit of an online hypothesis about John Oliver, who’s now on a roll since “Last Week Tonight” started airing on HBO in the spring of this year.