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  • A bag full of nothing (Login Required)

    Frankly, I find it ridiculously sexist to question a women's agency in such a personal decision. How few people someone has slept with doesn't affect you, just like how many people someone has slept with shouldn't be a topic of conversation.

  • Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (Login Required)

    What The Carletonian stands for

  • What is America? (Login Required)

    Creative submission from an alum

  • The time for conservative student voices is now (Login Required)

    The Republican Party has been hijacked by a vile populist and his cronies, all while our GOP “leaders” acquiesce to the whims of the president like spineless sycophants. We have fallen far from our previous graces and have morphed into something that the conservatives and libertarians of yesterday would have difficulty identifying.

  • The complexities of safety (Login Required)

    Sense of safety is a complicated matter that drastically differs from person to person. Someone who went through my same experiences could feel much more in danger.

  • Liberal arts school: A port in a storm (Login Required)

  • When safety is taken for granted (Login Required)

    Most people don't have the luxury of taking their safety for granted, wherever they live. Most people haven't grown up with enough privilege for the world be sanitized to them. I have, and I acknowledge that.

  • Interrogating the idea of "studying abroad" (Login Required)

    Do we assume the existence of a dominant narrative here? Are we more likely to think of someone like Josh spending six weeks in Amsterdam and four weeks in Germany, or someone like Jessica backpacking for a semester throughout Asia? Do we assume that studying abroad is done primarily by the relatively wealthy, the cis-gender, the light skinned?

  • A chance to redeem ourselves (Login Required)

    This is in part because I got to live so close to the animals that I practically felt like an animal myself. Wild dogs ran right through camp, and hyenas, hornbills, baboons and vervets were constantly trying to steal our food.

  • The "Classic American college student" study abroad (Login Required)

    Asian Americans and diasporic Taiwanese are already perceived as perpetual foreigners wherever we go, whether it be in the United States or Asia. Even on an American study abroad to another country, American minorities are not recognized as “Americans.”

  • Navigating unfamiliar instiutions in a South African airport (Login Required)

    Yes, I should learn my lesson. But overpacking seems to just be in my blood, and I have to accept it. And more eagerly than ever before, I passed over my credit card to pay the fine.

  • The "ultimate deal" is not one state (Login Required)

    Wait a second, for Israel? Didn’t he just appoint David Friedman, a settlement supporter so hardline he makes the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) seem dovish, to be the U.S. ambassador to Israel? Isn’t this just giving Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-wing government what they’ve wanted? Well, in the short term, yes. But the long-term implications of U.S. support for Israeli annexation of the West Bank (something Friedman has publicly floated) run counter to the interests of all parties involved.