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  • Tuition increase to cover health care costs, financial aid (Login Required)

    The cost of attending Carleton will increase for the 2017-18 school to $66,414 per year, up $2,343 from the 2016-17 school year. The higher costs are primarily due to faculty compensation increases and higher average financial aid.

  • History project preserves Mudd (Login Required)

    “It’s hard to capture the moment, the community, the culture. It’s hard to capture what exactly it meant to stand in a space. But what we can do is preserve pieces of it so that people can come back later and at least imagine it or interpret it, in their own way.”

  • Low acceptance rate for class of 2021 (Login Required)

    “There is no difference on our end between the Coalition and Common Apps. It’s more of a difference for those who apply. It doesn’t change our selection.”

  • Process to hire profs remains opaque (Login Required)

    "I think the college is pretty clear teaching is the most important one, but excellence in teaching can't make up for a slow start to research or a small quantity of research. The issue that I ran into is that it's not clear what that quantity is, where the line is."

  • Carleton not to pursue test optional status (Login Required)

    "In general, any kind of educational change you want to involve everyone in the process as much as possible. The least popular changes are the ones that happen without any student input."

  • Campus to include Muslim interest house (Login Required)

    “I think the residents will end up shaping the house in the way they want.”

  • College prepares for construction (Login Required)

    “It will be a huge project, probably the largest project, dollar wise, that the college has ever done. Given the site, the fact that we’ll be constructing new buildings and connecting them to two existing buildings while they’re in use and the fact that the construction is happening at the heart of campus means that there are going to be some disruptions and some inconveniences,”

  • Bon App to include more local chicken (Login Required)

    "We were definitely pleased with the developments because we've seen real change. The fact that something happened is incredible and a huge step forward."

  • Al Montero holds forum on political beliefs (Login Required)

    "If an individual or group of people simply don't want to participate in debate and discussion, if they believe they have the answers and if they're just simply going to act on those answers, then that's not critical thought. That's not debate."

  • CSA creates new chaplain's liaison (Login Required)

    At its Monday, Feb. 6 meeting, CSA voted unanimously to change its bylaws to include the Chaplain’s Liaison as its 14th liaison position.

  • Bike share and KRLX projects approved (Login Required)

    The Student Projects Committee (SPC) referenda to fund KRLX renovations and a bike share program passed as a part of winter term CSA elections.

  • Students petition to close Crisis Pregnancy Center (Login Required)

    Two weeks ago, Carleton’s pro-choice activism group, Student Advocates for Reproductive Choice (SARC), created a petition asking the college to not renew the lease for the Northfield Women’s Center. The petition has garnered many signatures.