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  • CANOE House May Get a New Home

    If you’ve come to any CANOE open meetings this term you will have seen that the couchboat room has been stuffed full of Carls excited to sign up for trips.

  • Edward Malnar

    It’s a simple but incomplete routine: get up, grab your tea/coffee, and maybe glance at the news before starting your day.

  • Combing Through Campaigns

    It seems like every day there is someone new telling us what to eat.

  • Weighting for It

    You’ve probably heard about “the mattress girl” by now. Emma Sulkowicz, a senior visual arts major at Columbia University, says that she was raped on her own dorm bed in the beginning of her sophomore year.

  • Clumsily Cute Carleton Dating

    Whenever I try to flirt, I just end up rambling about something very non-flirty; like puppies or politics.

  • Self-love

    One of the jarring things for me upon coming to Carleton last year was the realization that the vast majority of my new friends suffered from anxiety or depression at one point or another.

  • Insight and Intimacy

    You two look so cute together in photos! But do you and your Very Special Someone (VSS) have a relationship that deserves such smiles?

  • The Limits of Essays

    Last winter, I took a philosophy class called, “Philosophy of Love and Friendship,” and it’s the reason I now have an anthology called, “Philosophy of (Erotic) Love” on my bookshelf.

  • Piles

    I was in my favorite thrift store right before I left for college, and while I normally love shopping, I could only convince myself to buy one thing.

  • A Toxic Environment

    I still remember the night my freshman fall when someone vomited all over my favorite jacket.

  • Meet Your Food

    Imagine yourself cultivating with a shopping cart or hunting in the woods with a coupon booklet.

  • Smashing! A Nigel Thornberry Reflection

    A decade ago, in a land of talking animals and mobile transforming homes, lived a man that captured my animal-loving heart.