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  • On Language and Loss

    We’ve all been there before. Comforting a friend or a relative, either not knowing or not even having a way to describe your feelings at the moment.

  • A Mish Mosh Approach to Education

    On a shelf in my house sits a bird figurine made out of one cork, one toothpick, two feathers, and two plastic googly eyes. It’s a relic of my childhood days at an alternative school where we called our teachers by their first names and never took tests.

  • Slices of a Story

    When we look at someone, we only get slices of their story. These slices can be very misleading, and can lead to come very vicious, damaging, preconceived ideas.

  • The State of Campus Discourse

    Everywhere you walk, chances are that you will find a poster announcing an event, where you come for the food but stay for the conversation with a speaker or facilitators. It may be also likely that you get an invitation on Zimbra or Facebook for the same kind of activities.

  • Security

    A Night on the Job with Security

    One does not simply walk into Sayles 205 at night. This is not only because we don’t know what Sayles 205 is, but also that our OneCards don’t let us in.

  • Bad Girl?

    Valentine’s Day is sexist. Now, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday, but this commercialism seems to be aimed at women.

  • V-Day Thoughts from Carls of Yesteryear

    The interplay between words is a lot like sex ... take out one of your favorite poems and read it. Why do you like it? How does it work?

  • Beware the Valentine’s Day Dump

    A few days ago, I was enjoying my fourth pre-noon Tandem Bagel when the person at the table next to me brought up a holiday that I had all but forgotten about: Valentine’s Day.

  • Illustration by Ambrin Ling ‘14

    A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you just groaned as you read over that sentence. This is the day we all dread.

  • Just Being

    “I am, I am, I am.” These lovely words by Sylvia Plath have drummed through my head many times, specifically when I am trying to go to bed. Specifically when I’m feeling a little bit lonely.

  • Editorial

    This past week, one of our beloved (but comps-ing) editors-in-chief decided to take a sabbatical and for who knows what reason, perhaps insanity, entrusted me to fill in for her, working alongside the stellar J.M. Hanley, for the rest of the term.

  • Map of the Boundary Waters. Mine site circled in center

    Polymet’s Proposed Mine in Minnesota

    The Boundary Waters are the reason I chose to enroll at Carleton, 45 years ago.  I went canoeing there every year I was a student and have been back many times since.  Living here for the past decade, I have also come to know and love the whole North Shore.