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  • Zeenath Kahn ‘17 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    My mom is from Minnesota and my dad is from Pakistan, so I was born in Pakistan. I lived there for a couple of years and moved to Saudi Arabia. I would move back and forth, but most of my life I lived in Saudi Arabia.

  • Pat Chirathivat ‘16 - Bangkok, Thailand

    I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and I grew up in a Thai system school until I was in 8th grade. Then I decided to move to a boarding school in Hawaii because I thought that the education was too competitive for me...personally, I don’t like competing with people.

  • Let’s Start Talking About Mental Health

    When I came to Carleton as a freshman, I was excited to be entering a living environment supportive of my identity as a gay man for the first time.

  • Getting Around the Advising Issue

    When’s the last time you considered mission statement of our college? (Yes, we have one.) One section states this: “The College’s aspiration is to prepare students to lead lives of learning that are broadly rewarding, professionally satisfying, and of service to humanity.”

  • Reflecting on Pain and Privilege

    I would like to respond to Eli Robiner’s article in the last issue of the Carletonian titled, “Where’s the Compassion?: Reflections on Human Privilege.”

  • Ibrahim Rabbani ‘16 – Lahore, Pakistan

    I grew up in one of the bigger cities in central Pakistan. There’s a lot of pollution. The city is open til 8 p.m.. I went to a private high school.

  • Tiffany Thet ‘17 – Yangon, Myanmar

  • Bibek Pokharel ‘15 – Kathmandu, Nepal

    We grew up indoors but you could walk anywhere. It’s a fairly diverse city of people from all over Nepal, but it’s not international. If you find anyone of foreign origin they are probably a tourist.

  • Abhimanyu Lele ‘16 – Bangalore, India

    India doesn’t really have the concept of the liberal arts college. Students are divided into hard science or humanities or social science. You choose your stream in high school and are stuck with it the rest of your life.

  • Kayla Tam ‘14 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a really big city. Well, it’s a small city with a lot of people. After I realized that I wanted to become an English major and I wanted to study literature in more depth, I realized that the environment in Hong Kong is not very encouraging.

  • Romanticizing Science

    It may be banal to bring about a reflection from the ancient days of high school, yet even our time then had some realizations.

  • Knowledge, Science and Despicable Certitude

    Both the accomplishments and the approach of science are revered as gospel in Western society.  If something can be legitimately justified in the name of science, it is respected.  As a result, science formulates our view of the world, and the scientific methodology is a gold standard.