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Winter 2018 Issue 1 (January 12, 2018)

    • Carleton not affected by Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Login Required)

      Carleton "dodged a bullet," Montero says on Act

    • Former skinhead convocation speaker sparks campus debate (Login Required)

      Former white supremacist Arno Michaelis will be speaking at convocation on sixth Friday, Feb. 9.

    • Pipe bursts in Sayles-Hill, campus adjusts (Login Required)

      “We were really impressed with how the campus community pulled together to get Sayles back online; there were many unsung heroes last week who went above and beyond, including Facilities, Campus Services and ITS. For the most part, folks were very understanding and patient with the setback. This disaster highlighted just how vital the Sayles-Hill Campus Center and its services are to Carleton.”

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    • "Colors of Confinement" premieres at Library (Login Required)

      The “Colors of Confinement” Gould Library exhibit and its supplemental displays feature Shigemura’s story and many others. On display are memoirs, letters, artist books, photographs and more.

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    • Time's up for white women's complicity (Login Required)

      If we are to move forward, we need white women to acknowledge their privilege and their complicity in structures of power. How do we reach the women in Alabama and across the U.S. that vote for sexual harassers and abusers? I’m not sure. I do know that it needs to be done while we work with women who have been consistently fighting for equality, safety, and respect. We cannot sweep the wrongs women (especially white women) do under the rug for the sake of uplifting an ideal vision of “women.”

    • The Year of the Woman hoax (Login Required)

      Labeling 2017 as the Year of the Woman is a big statement. The label “Year of the Woman” was first popularly used in 1992 after many female senators were elected. It has since been used, especially in 2017, to recognize the rise and importance of women in politics and society as a whole. The year 2017 saw enormous marches all over the nation to draw attention to and fight for the rights of women. In moments like those I believed in the slogan, and will always believe in the power of women. But I have to question, has there ever really been a Year of the Woman?

    • Here's to 2018 (Login Required)

      There’s no way 2018 can be so bad.



    • President Winfrey: Politics and entertainment (Login Required)

      While you might be expecting me to continue to wax poetic about Oprah’s brilliance and her seemingly superhuman ability to connect, please bear with me as this piece takes a sharp political turn.

    • Pink hats aren't enough: Moving forward from 2017 (Login Required)

      Women have been telling these stories for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It didn't take Trump's election for women to start talking about sexism in society.

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