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  • What is an Ole anyway? (Login Required)

    "One of the best things about being a dual-sport athlete is playing St. Olaf not once, but three times during the year."

  • Rising golf star Alyssa Akiyama shares stories of MIAC Championship (Login Required)

    "While this is the time of year most Knights are cramming to get papers done and counting down the days until break, Alyssa Akiyama ’20, a member of the women’s golf team, is winning the MIAC championships."

  • Senior Spotlight: Alex Griese (Login Required)

    "In two weeks the men’s varsity soccer will finish their season, marking the end of senior captain Alex Griese’s four-year Carleton soccer career."

  • Men’s and Women’s Carleton Basketball begin their much anticipated seasons (Login Required)

    "As most Carls begin to longingly think about their 6-week winter break filled with relaxation time away from school, the varsity men’s and women’s basketball teams will be running two-a-day practices, sprinting up and down West Gym and living in the dorms."

  • When the weather gets tough, the tough wear a pair of mittens (Login Required)

    "One of the hardest parts about playing travelling volleyball in high school was having to wake up at 4 a.m. for a 6 a.m. tournament."

  • Carleton cross country hosts home meet (Login Required)

    “The race was a lot of fun. The course is beautiful, and running it last weekend will help me find the perfect surge spots and tangents in November, and I can’t wait to re-run it,” Cameron Meikle said. “The fan support is definitely amazing. It’s fun to show off the hard work that we put in. Most people don’t see the miles we put in or the mental games we deal with. The fans make all the early morning runs, hard tempos and track workouts worth it.”

  • How do student-athletes get into the zone? (Login Required)

    "Left sock first, then right sock. Right shoe, then left shoe. Left laces then right laces; pregame routines, although they can be superstitious, can also help to get a player mentally ready for the challenge that lies ahead. Some players feel that their pregame routines help them play better while others perform pregame routines just to get in the “zone.”"

  • Writer reflects: What does it mean to be a student athlete at Carleton? (Login Required)

    "I hope that as a student body we can come to appreciate that what makes all of us unique is our passions. For my teammates and I, our passion is athletics. It is what makes Carleton so special, and what makes being a student-athlete so much fun."

  • Making our Knights strong: the man behind Carleton athletics (Login Required)

    Since he began his job in the fall of 2013, Carleton Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Jarvis has made an enormous impact on the athletic community. “I like the interaction with college athletes. [They] come in as clueless little freshmen and then all of a sudden they are lifting 230 pounds a year later. I enjoy going to games and seeing the hard work in the weight room pay off on the field."

  • Volleyball pulls off an upset (Login Required)

    "The rain came down in sheets, but not even the soaking conditions could keep the Knight faithful away from the storm taking place inside West Gymnasium as the Carleton College volleyball team took down the squad from Bethel University in a five-set thriller (25-23, 21-25, 16-
    25, 27-25, 18-16) Wednesday evening."

  • Photo by Emily Ross.

    Senior Spotlight: Hayden Tsutsui (Login Required)

    "I think I am just lucky that I have been able to stay relatively healthy for the four years that I played here. I think that I was put in a situation, as a freshman, with the teammates around me, to be successful. I never thought I would be as successful as I was. So I guess I’m proud."

  • Four Knights rack up regional awards on the track (Login Required)

    "The Carleton College track and field programs took home four of the eight Central Region awards."