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  • My least favorite question: Why Carleton? (Login Required)

  • Smoke and mirrors: A reflection on expected happiness at Carleton (Login Required)

  • Good, bad and stupid: Reasons I chose Carleton (Login Required)

  • It's not always sunny in the Department of Agriculture (Login Required)

  • "A bunch of awesome eccentrics" (Login Required)

  • How to pack up four years of memories (Login Required)

    Be that as it may, I am not ready to leave either. There is no manual for packing up a life from here, deciding what we take with us and what we leave behind. That’s because what we take away and leave behind have already been decided for us in what we did, in how we acted and lived, and how others did the same for us. We’re not stuck merely with souvenirs.

  • There's a bad moon rising (Login Required)

    I thought I was ready to leave on the first day of classes this term when I sat through each of my classes and felt nothing new, no starry-eyed anticipation. Today, I still am.

  • Musings from a retired editor (Login Required)

  • The glory of another 'Blatt (Login Required)

    Since the late 1960s, what was once an intramural softball league has morphed into one of Carleton’s most recognized traditions. As a day of softball, dancing, community, music, and friendship, Rotblatt reminds all Carls who participate of the special cosmic energy that exists in rural Minnesota, an energy that not only brought us to Carleton but connects all of us through this collective experience.

  • An Arab NATO (Login Required)

    The idea for this is not new, nor is it a radical departure from existing U.S. policy in the region. Indeed, the Trump administration just signed a deal with the UAE to sell $2 billion worth of missile defense systems, including the highly technologically advanced Patriot missile systems. Nevertheless, the creation of an overt military alliance in the region is a shrewd and smart foreign policy decision by an administration that has been, on nearly all accounts, floundering since it first got off the ground in late January.

  • Breaking the silence: a first-year's experience with mental health at Carleton (Login Required)

    "Just fake it 'til you make it. That what we do." As a first-year, faking it at Carleton seems impossible. And as a student with a history of depression and anxiety, faking it at Carleton is impossible.

  • Empowerment that helps us all (Login Required)

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m a biracial, third-culture (kid) and a woman in STEM. Yes, some of these are identities I can’t necessarily avoid, but they’re ones that I’ve consciously chosen to integrate into my everyday life. Through these identities, I have chosen to use them not to my advantage, but for the benefit of others. I’m at Carleton for two reasons: to educate myself and to help others.