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  • CSA election sees record voter turnout (Login Required)

    With 68.5 percent of the student body voting, winter term’s CSA elections had an unprecedented turnout, according to current CSA President Tiffany Thet ’17. Thet attributed the high turnout to CSA’s get-out-the-vote efforts and to the political atmosphere on campus after the 2016 presidential election.

  • Students speak out at Carls Give Day (Login Required)

    During Carls Give Day, one of the college’s largest annual fundraisers, approximately 20 student organizers from various student groups, including Carls for a Democratic Society and Carleton’s Organized Radicals and Leftists (CORAL), called alumni to talk about campus issues, ranging from fossil fuel divestment to faculty diversity.

  • CSA candidates critique Carleton (Login Required)

    "We are in the unique position that a lot of the positions will be guaranteed."

  • College responds to Trump's immigration ban (Login Required)

    “We have been having individual conversations with students if they have concerns. It is not necessarily just concern for themselves. It’s a concern for their families.”

  • Research at Carleton under a Trump presidency (Login Required)

    "There's fear about the levels of funding decreasing, and I think there's also some fear about scientists' ability to follow their science wherever it leads."

  • Campus mourns loss (Login Required)

  • Local church becomes sanctuary (Login Required)

    "As Christians, I believe we are called to 'welcome the stranger' and to 'love our neighbor as ourselves.'"

  • No Impact Challenge returns for second year (Login Required)

    “I think something that is really cool about Climate Action Week is the theme of this year is sustainability solutions, so it is all very positive and it is focused on what we actually can do to make positive change. I feel like that’s what we need to be reminded of right now, because people are feeling very down and helpless. We are giving people knowledge and also tools to use that knowledge to act to make change.”

  • Drinking charges in lawsuit dismissed (Login Required)

    Since May, Carleton has been the defendant in a lawsuit filed by a recent graduate who alleges that the college broke the law in its handling of her sexual assault case. According to the lawsuit, she was assaulted on campus on two separate occasions. In June, Carleton filed a motion to dismiss the charges.

  • CSA looks to create publication guidelines (Login Required)

    "The physical, produced item is a vital part of literary journals, is a part of literary journal tradition, and I think it is indispensable when it comes to thinking about the goals of the literary journal."

  • New buildings to include all-gender bathrooms (Login Required)

    "At Carleton, many things, including the implementation of all-gender bathrooms, are patchwork. The College has taken steps to improve facilities for non-gender binary persons."

  • College hosts first prospective Title IX Candidate (Login Required)

    “This is one of those positions that is of interest to so many in the community, and I think students have particular interest, so I want them to be engaged and be engaged fully.”