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  • Rollover fund almost depleted, SPC takes no large projects (Login Required)

    CSA Senate currently operates on a budget of about $600,000-700,000, but almost all of this money is used each year to cover campus events and student clubs. “Compared to a lot of other small liberal arts colleges, the CSA doesn’t have very much money. Compared to Amherst and Williams, their budgets are over $1,000,000, and ours isn’t even close to that,” said Budget Committee member Jon Gillespie ’18 in an interview with the Carletonian about the increased Student Activities Fee.

  • Carleton students protest at Super Bowl (Login Required)

    “While we weren’t protesting the Super Bowl itself, I do think I would ask people who are going to think about their complicity in the issues that go into the creation of the Super Bowl,” said Friedland.

  • Budget Committee funding in question (Login Required)

    The Carleton Student Association (CSA) Budget Committee has spent over half of their General Allocations Fund budget for the academic year, a faster rate than is typical.

  • Student Activities Fee increases (Login Required)

    The Carleton Student Association’s Budget Committee decided to increase the Student Activities Fee from $306 to $321. According to Budget Committee members, the increase in the fee is to match inflation, to fund a scholarship for students who cannot afford the activities fee, and to ensure a rollover budget for student projects.

  • Burglary strikes Northfield businesses (Login Required)

    On Saturday, Jan. 20, around 8:30 p.m., three businesses in downtown Northfield were burglarized. Cash was stolen from Content Books and Northfield Yarn (owned by a Carleton parent and graduate, respectively), and nearby Larson’s Printing.

  • Africana Studies welcomes new professor to program (Login Required)

    As a political economist, Dr. Burden-Stelly says she hopes to offer an “alternative framework” of thought in considering structural and material conditions in the Black experience. She encourages students interested in learning theoretical and structural approaches to Black studies to engage in her courses.

  • Campus hit by flu (Login Required)

    Showing similar patterns to 2014-2015 flu season

  • Appeals process resolution passes CSA (Login Required)

    “If you don’t have tactics and if you don’t have goals, you can’t change anything. We’re hoping that some progress is better than no progress.”

  • Little Nourse project receive significant funding (Login Required)

    Project to be completed by next fall

  • New movie theater opens close to Northfield (Login Required)

    “I think it is long overdue for Northfield to have a movie theater and I hope it can do well.”

  • Reusable plate program ends in Sayles Cafe (Login Required)

    Nearly 500 Sayles  reusable plates not returned by diners

  • Concert Hall organ bought by local company, Chapel organ renovated (Login Required)

    “I really love the Chapel. It’s a really great place for performances,” said Quintero, excited to play on the revamped instrument. “Real organ gets more emotion and performance.”