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  • Facilitating Conversations

    By now, many students on campus are aware of the article that was published in last week’s CLAP, in which one student (Student A) transcribed a conversation he had with another student (Student B). Specifically, in that conversation, the Student B made a series of highly offensive, racist, and heteronormative remarks, which Student A then published in the CLAP.


    Some Information About Flatulence

    Flatulence, passing gas, breaking wind, ass blast, butt thunder, farting. We all fart, although some of us a lot more than others. And we have all been in situations when we really need to fart, but we happen to be at a funeral, or on a first date.


    The Myth of Spring

    Does spring actually exist? This question has crossed my mind often lately, because in truth, the recent weather has nearly succeeded in convincing me that the season is a myth. As I write this, I am also looking at a forecast that predicts three to six inches of snow on April 11th.

  • Ben Stroup

    Empathy and Reason: A Response to Pedro Fernandez

    It’s quite fashionable these days to attack “diversity” as an empty phrase, signifying nothing but the unthinking, bleeding-heart liberalism of an elementary school textbook. It is derided as meaningless newspeak, useful only to directors of HR giving an infinite series of powerpoint presentations. What’s worst is, it’s assumed that the end of “diversity” is just that: a diverse group of faces.


    “I Swear the Weather Isn’t Like This All the Time!”

    For the second time this year, it is Accepted Students’ Weekend. And for the second time this year, it is snowing on Accepted Students’ Weekend. And not just flurrying--it’s legitimately snowing. Did I mention it’s April?

  • 640 Million Dollars and C.R.I.C.

    CRIC – an acronym for the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee - has been running in Carleton for over eight years and advises the Board of Trustees on how to vote as certain issues arise in the Carleton Community. The committee meets once a week to discuss and research resolutions, organizations, events, and opportunities.

  • Committing To a Low-Carbon Future

    The proposal to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline has been making a lot of headlines recently, and the reason this story isn’t going away is because it is really, really important. Despite the President’s remarks at the second inauguration to “respond to the threat of global warming,” the Obama administration has yet to make any difficult decisions regarding energy.

  • On Playing Well with Others

    Enough jeremiads have been written, or are perhaps being written, in any number of small college newspapers lamenting the state of the liberal arts experiment, if you will—the lack of inclusiveness and diversity of opinion and so on.

  • Talking About Diversity

    On a recent episode of Go On, a sitcom about a sportscaster dealing with the death of his wife (that, yes, manages to be funny), Ryan (Matthew Perry) and his friend / boss Steven (John Cho) have been bonding over the film Sixteen Candles. Discussing the film’s treatment of the character “Long Duk Dong,” Ryan suddenly voices, “how did we not realize how racist that was?” Beat. Then Steven replies, “some of us did.”

  • Reciting Respect

    This past Wednesday evening we attended recitations and, although it might come off as corny, it reminded us of why we chose to come to Carleton. On that cold snowy night, many students from different social corners of the Carleton community gathered around a warm fire to listen to anyone willing to recite poems, stories, and lyrics they found meaningful.


    An Open Letter to Suzy Lee Weiss

    First of all, I want to commend you on writing a piece that has inspired so much discussion. You are clearly a talented writer (although, admittedly, it  does help if your sister is one of the editors). Unfortunately, I must respectfully disagree with pretty much everything you wrote.

  • Posters urge divestment from large companies who support child labor or use fossil fuels.

    The Fundamental Assumption of Divestment

    In last week’s “Defense of Divestment” article, Patrick Burke, Zachary Levonian and Isaama Stoll wrote, “unethical investment is the product of the greater corrupt, capitalist system, deeply rooted in some of the ideals of the United States.” The assumption that we exist in a corrupt, unresponsive capitalist system is both deeply misguided and wrong.