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2017 Spring Issue 3 (April 21, 2017)

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    • Elysia Crampton explores Aymaran abolitionism (Login Required)

      “If I appear invalid, if appear incapable, just know that my mission is already completed by me being here. It is an honor to be here and hold this space, but my body is the document, as someone of Aymara descent, as someone queer, as someone trans, my flesh attests to this legacy, to the perseverance to this legacy.”

    • Players to explore Australia's carceral history in Our Country's Good (Login Required)

      “The play deals with important and timeless concerns, particularly the tension between constraint and freedom. Constraint can be extreme and literal—it’s a play about a penal colony, of course—but constraint can be ideological, social, moral, personal. In the end, it’s about the power of art to transcend constraint, to help us find freedom even within intractable constraint. When I chose the play a year ago, it was far ahead of the [2016 Presidential] election. But its championing of the humane in the face of the abuse of power makes it a particularly timely inspiration and consolation now.”

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    • The difficulty of keeping Passover at Carleton (Login Required)

      Jewish law, for all its restrictions, insists on individual health and safety above all other practices. So I stopped observing Passover. But that should never have happened to begin with. On a residential campus, I expect my meal plan to cover my dietary needs. Yet for over a week, one thirtieth of Carleton’s academic year, this was not true.

    • Transcending sovereignty (Login Required)

      It is absurd that this debate still exists. In the face of one of history’s worst humanitarian crises, the answer should be so clear that the need to ask the question should disappear. Indeed, the whole idea of asking the question – should we intervene, or should we remain on the sidelines – is itself an anachronism, a holdover of the 17th century.

    • Pax Americana: The need for U.S. intervention (Login Required)

      There are moments where eloquently written speeches and diplomatic resolutions at the United Nations fall short, and that is when the time for kinetic action begins.

    • Curiosity, remoteness and the anti-science moment (Login Required)

      We face a long-lived and lively anti-science and anti-expert moment, which unsurprisingly comes as the term "alternative facts" has entered the lexicon.

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