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2017 Winter Issue 1 (January 13, 2017)

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    • The dangers of living in divided America

      Reconciling a divided America (Login Required)

      This is dangerous. Without any contact, it is easy to create an image of the ‘other.’

    • The sound of a clarion call (Login Required)

      For all its power and might, striving for the apex of perfection, it was still an imperfect country of imperfect people, run by imperfect people.

    • Poiliticized Identities (Login Required)

      Short of denying identity outright, the recourse of those committed to identity-as-authority has been to fall back on the trope of the self-hating victim, made over time to internalize their own oppression.

    • Unity, facts, and other questions (Login Required)

      Many Carleton students have the opportunity to live in a new place after they graduate, and one positive way to use that privilege is to move to a place that will force you to interact with people who are different than you. The physical segregation of different groups of people in the U.S. seems to have something to do with the lack of understanding that exists across group identity lines (who’d have thought?), and living next to someone makes it much easier to get to know them.

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