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  • Poskanzer refuses to sign climate letter (Login Required)

    “Equipped with such ideas and knowledge, we then want members of the community to plunge boldly and passionately as individuals into these wider currents, exercising their knowledge in conjunction with their free speech rights. But as an institution, we have a long history of not taking positions on issues that are not clearly academic and that do not directly pertain to and advance the college’s core educational mission."

  • Hundreds of students join Women's March protests (Login Required)

    “I’m hopeful that everyone will take the energy from the march and continue to be that dedicated to organizing and to an intersectional array of issues.”

  • Facing lack of support, plans for BIRT cancelled (Login Required)

    "We do have bias incidents on campus, and we are not satisfied with how they are handled or he process...I think we can do better."

  • Carleton approves academic minors (Login Required)

    "I'm excited. There seems to be positive feedback on campus."

  • Carls travel to march for women in Washington (Login Required)

    "This is the beginning of, hopefully, many ways in which there can be a sustained response to his administration."

  • College creates statistics major (Login Required)

    In response to student opinion and the needs of 21st century statisticians, the math department will eliminate the math/stats major and instead offer two distinct majors: mathematics and statistics.

  • Carleton conservatives share election opinions (Login Required)

    “I don’t believe in the hatred and the bigotry, despite what people might think when you say you’re a Republican and they put you in that box.”

  • Carleton Affirms Protections for DACA Students (Login Required)

    “They promised us support, and they followed through with those promises. To see them fulfill that promise was really encouraging for me and the other DACA students, as they could have very easily taken a step back.”

  • CSA Senate plans to launch free textbook exchange (Login Required)

    “This is just another way to foster a strong community and to raise awareness for the fact that students here do need support.”

  • Carls journey to ND to support DAPL protests (Login Required)

    "Over the weekend, 34 students drove to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to participate in the ongoing protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would run 1,172 miles from the Bakkens and Three Forks areas of North Dakota to Illinois."

  • Candidates speak on eve of election (Login Required)

    Nam Nguyen ’19 summed up what seemed to be the undercurrent of the campus, saying she felt “slightly nervous,” then qualifying it with, “No, very nervous.”

  • National FAFSA changes shifts financial aid process (Login Required)

    "The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) has undergone several large-scale changes in the last year. Most significantly, the FAFSA now requires tax information from the prior-prior year, or PPY as it is called in the financial aid industry."