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  • Weitz family donates $20 million for financial aid (Login Required)

    "In honor of the college’s sesquicentennial, the Weitz family donated $20 million for matching new need-based endowment gifts to financial aid."

  • Library replaces catalogue with Catalyst (Login Required)

    "The beginning of fall term saw the first real test for the Gould Library’s new catalogue, Catalyst, which replaced the previous system, Bridge Squared."

  • After 15 years, GSC reflects on struggle for acceptance (Login Required)

    "When Matt Fikse ’87 was a student at Carleton, the group for LGBTQA+ students met in a secret location. Students in the group received a slip of paper in their mailboxes with the meeting time and location in order to protect their privacy."

  • Photo by Audrey Kan.

    Carleton celebrates landmark 150 years (Login Required)

    "On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Carleton celebrated its 150th birthday. To celebrate this landmark anniversary, the college hosted special events throughout last weekend."

  • Trustees approve next phase of science complex construction (Login Required)

    "Last week, the Board of Trustees approved the design plans for the science complex construction and for demolition of Mudd Hall."

  • Campus Community Remembers Noel Williams (Login Required)

    "Former students shared memories of Mr. Williams as an excellent storyteller, and as a model for how to treat others with respect."

  • Photo taken by Audrey Kan.

    Exploring Carleton’s political climate (Login Required)

    "After more than two years of campaigning, primaries and debates, the presidential elections are now only a few weeks away, and political groups on campus are working out what they want to do for their final pre-election day work for this and other down-ballot elections."

  • Photo taken by Amanda.

    CANOE club moves to new house (Login Required)

    "The Carleton Organization of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE) is experiencing an increase in club membership after moving to Wade Johnson Memorial House, the newly renovated  Hill house.  The new CANOE house will be the home of club operations and several members."

  • New services make debut at SHAC this year (Login Required)

    "In an effort to expand its counseling services, the SHAC fall newsletter announced three new programs: Expressive Art Group, Growing Resilient and General Therapy Groups."

  • Photo by Audrey Kan.

    College transportation options expand with new programs (Login Required)

    "In response to student feedback and a growing demand for Carleton-sponsored transportation, Campus Services modified its transportation for this academic year. Part of the expansion is Carls-Go, a weekday route that runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and travels to all Northfield schools on the east side of Highway 3. The shuttle arrives at the Davis parking lot every 30 minutes and does not require a reservation. The company EcoTrans sponsors all of the vehicles for this route."

  • ITS introduces high capacity printers (Login Required)

    "Over the summer, Information Technology Services (ITS) introduced five new public printers to campus. Featuring a simplified release system and greater printing capacity, three new black and white Canon printers are located in the Library and two are located in upper Sayles. The printers are expected to improve printing capabilities at the most-heavily trafficked printing locations on campus, according to Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Director of Technology Support."

  • Photo by Audrey Kan.

    Cannon floods, students evacuate (Login Required)

    "After nearly three inches of rain Thursday, September 22, Northfield Mayor Dana Graham signed an emergency declaration in response to the Cannon River’s dangerously high water level. Riverside sidewalks and bridges were promptly closed for safety, according to information from the Northfield city website and the United States Geological Survey."