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2017 Winter Issue 7 (February 24, 2017)

    • Bon App to include more local chicken (Login Required)

      "We were definitely pleased with the developments because we've seen real change. The fact that something happened is incredible and a huge step forward."

    • Al Montero holds forum on political beliefs (Login Required)

      "If an individual or group of people simply don't want to participate in debate and discussion, if they believe they have the answers and if they're just simply going to act on those answers, then that's not critical thought. That's not debate."

    • CSA creates new chaplain's liaison (Login Required)

      At its Monday, Feb. 6 meeting, CSA voted unanimously to change its bylaws to include the Chaplain’s Liaison as its 14th liaison position.

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    • Black Student Alliance We Speak event honors Black History Month (Login Required)

      “In past years we have done Reform Week which is just a solid week of events in celebration of Black History Month and we didn’t do that this year because it was a completely new board and we kinda were a little bit lost on planning all of that. But we have had a series of events during Black History Month that have celebrated it. We had a black history jeopardy game at our meeting. We had dinner with Jason Sole, the president of the Minneapolis NAACP."

    • Rail initiative on track (Login Required)

      "Making public transportation options more widely available is a really important thing to has vast environmental implications."

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    • Dissecting America, a nation of contradiction (Login Required)

      Given all the facts facing the reality of our ideas is embarassing, and many crave the old perspective, the old ignorance, because back then the water was untested and everything was more calm and clear. Now, the water is murky for our troubling, and it feels as if America might drown.

    • Peacing our politics back together (Login Required)

      Indeed, Carleton is dimly aware of its own desire for peace and common ground, but as the tone of some of these writings illustrates, its ability to get there is hampered by the adversarial nature of its usual modes of discussion.

    • A complex American identity (Login Required)

      Sure, there are indeed many American citizens who hold the bigoted views of Trump and gladly voted him in. At the same time, though, there are also many Americans working hard to change the status quo.

    • Don't let Milo define the battle for free speech and campus conservatism (Login Required)

      We have settled for the boisterous showmen who know how to rile up the scorn of the masses, who provide unforgettable entertainment and superficial amusement but who are in the end nothing more than talking heads devoid of any substantive views and contributions to the movement.

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    • Owls in the Arb (Login Required)

      What the Cole Student Naturalist has to say this week

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