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  • Dangerous assumptions detrimental to dialogue (Login Required)

    "In my view, the road to a freer and more just society doesn't begin with more self-limiting rules and regulations. Instead, it begins with giving ourselves over to the arduous, near sacred work of striving for empathy and compassion in our words and our actions."

  • Cultural relics (Login Required)

    "Souls do not exist, and therefore manifestations of souls such as ghosts cannot exist."

  • Why do we have to know everything? (Login Required)

    "I’m someone who doesn’t believe in coincidence. While it could be argued that people develop similar ideas across cultures, even if those cultures didn’t meet and exchange ideas until recently, I think this example shows a universal experience we as human beings have. Just as death is a universal experience, so is the reconciling of death."

  • Aliens. Need I say more? (Login Required)

    "The prospect of extraterrestrials seems to be somewhat a no-brainer for me, although not in the form my dad and others imagine. We continue to find thousands upon thousands of exoplanets (2107 of them so far), some with conditions that can yield life."

  • Open letter: Dear white people... (Login Required)

    NOTE: None of these letters are directed towards anyone specific. They are a mere reflection of my thoughts based on my experience at Carleton.

  • Graphic by Kera Ling.

    Mothers don't have to be homemakers (Login Required)

    "She was always maternal and protective in a way that was not traditionally maternal. She was the “man” of the house because she had to be. She never needed a male counterpart to define her, and she always put my sister and I before everything else....She taught me that being a mom isn’t synonymous with being a homemaker, and that taking on traditionally “masculine” parenting roles is powerful."

  • Stay out of the stay-at-home stigma (Login Required)

    "If someone wants to be a stay-at-home parent, what gives you the right to judge?"

  • Full and interesting lives (Login Required)

    "Although I love my mom more than anyone else in the world, I think that for a long time a part of me, at least subconsciously, thought that her choice to work outside the home meant she was an inherently colder, less maternal person than mothers I knew who stayed home. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained a more nuanced perspective of  stay-at-home parenting. It isn’t that my mom chose not to stay-at-home with me, but rather that both my parents chose to pursue meaningful work while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle."

  • The danger of devil's advocacy (Login Required)

    This piece was written in response to the recent article "The Rise of “Bias Response Teams” on Campus," which was published in the New Republic on March 30th, 2016 by Carleton Professors Jeffrey Aaron Synder (Educational Studies) and Amna Khalid (History).

  • Graphic by Nam Nguyen

    A Drumpf Ultimatum (Login Required)

    "To best counter Trump’s divisive message, we would need to unite behind a candidate who has always fought for an equal and just society, instead of a candidate who takes positions based on the opinion polls of the day."

  • Graphic by Kera Ling.

    Dealing With President Trump (Login Required)

    "If anything, the rise of Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to remain eternally vigilant and wary of the rise of the power wielded by the state. Whoever is sitting in the Oval Office shouldn’t matter; we should always remain confident that our liberties will be protected, so long as we never turn complacent."

  • O Canada, Our home and native land? (Login Required)

    "It is this citizenry that has been and will be responsible for constructive social change."