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  • The dangers of living in divided America

    Reconciling a divided America (Login Required)

    This is dangerous. Without any contact, it is easy to create an image of the ‘other.’

  • Unity, facts, and other questions (Login Required)

    Many Carleton students have the opportunity to live in a new place after they graduate, and one positive way to use that privilege is to move to a place that will force you to interact with people who are different than you. The physical segregation of different groups of people in the U.S. seems to have something to do with the lack of understanding that exists across group identity lines (who’d have thought?), and living next to someone makes it much easier to get to know them.

  • One final warning (Login Required)

    This article was written before election day.

    "Let me be blunt: if you are voting for a third-party presidential candidate this election, you are wasting your vote. The reasons for this are manifold."

  • Election day torment (Login Required)

    "On Tuesday night, I shared in the agony and fear that gripped almost all of us on this campus."

  • What next? (Login Required)

    "With Donald Trump as President, a Republican Congress, and an empty seat in the Supreme Court about to be filled, the question that comes naturally is what next?"

  • I think you’re right, but the government thinks you’re wrong (Login Required)

    "As a person who will probably major in international relations, I like to tell people that I’m a political science major who hates politics. That’s the truth, in specific regards to American politics."

  • Macalester student: Working together for LGBTQ+ rights (Login Required)

    "Use the fear and anger of this election to mobilize your community and be an agent of positive change in these dark times."

  • Processing a Trump victory (Login Required)

    "In my adult life, I almost never cry. I don’t cry when boys break up with me. I don’t cry when my friends hurt me. I don’t cry about everyday bruises and scrapes. But yesterday I cried more than I can ever remember."

  • Scared but Beautiful (Login Required)

    "To proclaim one’s love of America is at times a hazardous venture, particularly in an environment like that of a liberal arts college."

  • Student debt on ballot in November (Login Required)

    "As a current college student, my goal is to find a job after graduation, and begin my own journey in life. While most of my peers share this dream, many find themselves unable to pursue meaningful careers or opportunities because of the ballooning cost of college debt."

  • Responsibility: an essential American tension (Login Required)

    "If we’re going to be responsible as members of the nation, it wouldn’t hurt to keep collective responsibilities in mind, too."

  • Craig restores faith in election process (Login Required)

    "Next week marks the first time that many Carleton students will be able to cast ballots in a presidential election."