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  • New services make debut at SHAC this year (Login Required)

    "In an effort to expand its counseling services, the SHAC fall newsletter announced three new programs: Expressive Art Group, Growing Resilient and General Therapy Groups."

  • Photo taken by Amanda.

    CANOE club moves to new house (Login Required)

    "The Carleton Organization of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE) is experiencing an increase in club membership after moving to Wade Johnson Memorial House, the newly renovated  Hill house.  The new CANOE house will be the home of club operations and several members."

  • Photo by Audrey Kan.

    Cannon floods, students evacuate (Login Required)

    "After nearly three inches of rain Thursday, September 22, Northfield Mayor Dana Graham signed an emergency declaration in response to the Cannon River’s dangerously high water level. Riverside sidewalks and bridges were promptly closed for safety, according to information from the Northfield city website and the United States Geological Survey."

  • Photo by Audrey Kan.

    College transportation options expand with new programs (Login Required)

    "In response to student feedback and a growing demand for Carleton-sponsored transportation, Campus Services modified its transportation for this academic year. Part of the expansion is Carls-Go, a weekday route that runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and travels to all Northfield schools on the east side of Highway 3. The shuttle arrives at the Davis parking lot every 30 minutes and does not require a reservation. The company EcoTrans sponsors all of the vehicles for this route."

  • ITS introduces high capacity printers (Login Required)

    "Over the summer, Information Technology Services (ITS) introduced five new public printers to campus. Featuring a simplified release system and greater printing capacity, three new black and white Canon printers are located in the Library and two are located in upper Sayles. The printers are expected to improve printing capabilities at the most-heavily trafficked printing locations on campus, according to Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Director of Technology Support."

  • Carleton adds Office of Health Promotion (Login Required)

    "The Office of Health Promotion (OHP), which will focus on the prevention and promotion of health and well-being, opened at the beginning of fall term. According to Janet Lewis Muth, director of health promotions, the OHP aims to create “a campus community that supports the overall well-being of all students.”"

  • College enters into lawsuit litigation (Login Required)

    "The college has entered litigation as a result of the lawsuit filed last spring by a recent graduate, according to publicly available court records. The civil docket for the case indicates that the college has dismissed the plaintiff’s claims and that the plaintiff did not agree to the dismissal. A hearing on the dismissal occurred Wednesday, Sept. 21. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims she was raped twice while at Carleton and that the administration’s mishandling of her case caused her ongoing emotional trauma, made her unsafe and limited her educational opportunities."

  • ResLife alters RA policies (Login Required)

    "At the beginning of fall term, Residential Life changed its policies and procedures related to alcohol and drug consumption, according to Andrea Robinson, Director of Residential Life. Robinson explained that these changes are intended to increase consistency in regards to how RAs respond to illegal drug and alcohol consumption and to ensure that RAs act as resources rather than as police for the student body."

  • Picture by Audrey Kan.

    All-gender bathrooms open on fourth libe (Login Required)

    "As a part of summer construction across campus, two allgender restrooms were added to Fourth Libe. These two new restrooms bring the total number of Libe restrooms to six. There are also two located on Third and two located on First Libe. These four bathrooms are exclusive to individuals that identify as either male or female. The addition of the Fourth Libe bathrooms has been in the facilities master plan for a long time."

  • Community mourns student Sid Ramakrishnan (Login Required)

    “It made me feel the love and support of the community at large during a time when everything felt dark and confusing,” Makowsky said. “Walking into Sayles and seeing every mailbox filled with flowers is a beautiful thing.”

    A longer remembrance of Sid Ramakrishnan will follow in next week's issue.

  • Students to see increase in work-study wages (Login Required)

    "We’re pleased that we can offer students a little bit more than just the minimum, and I think it reflects the value we place on student employment and the time that students have to work."

  • Changes coming to Dean’s office (Login Required)

    Speaking on changes to the Dean of Students' Office, a new Title IX Coordinator, and expanding the Title IX Program.