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  • Professor Neil Lutsky received the Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award.

    Prof. Neil Lutsky wins teaching award

    Neil Lutsky, Professor of Psychology at Carleton College, was the 2011 recipient and first Minnesota recipient of the American Psychological Foundation’s Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award.  Lutsky has been teaching at Carleton since 1974.

  • The Watson Fellowship supports international travel and research.

    Three Carl seniors win prestigious Watson fellowship

    Three Carleton seniors have been granted the prestigious Watson Fellowship for the 2011-2012 year. Adam Karas ‘11, Matthew Fink ‘11, and Kai Knutson  ‘11 will each receive $25,000 for 12 months of international travel to explore a self-proposed topic of interest.

  • Students address "The Elephant in the Room" at disabilities talk.

    Students address “The Elephant in the Room” at disabilities talk

    Disability at Carleton was the focus of “The Elephant in the Room,” an event, sponsored by the Wellness Center and the SWAs on Monday evening.  Andy Christensen, Carleton College’s disability coordinator, organized the event to get people to start thinking about disabilities

  • Scientist Dennis Meadows ‘64 warned of depleting the Earth’s natural energy resources too quickly.

    Convocation: Meadows expresses caution for future

    Dennis Meadows ’64 opened the term’s first convocation with a talk titled “Preparing for Life with MUCH Less Energy.” Drawing from his extensive background as a scientist observing climate change, Meadows suggested ways that we can begin adjusting to climate change, peak oil, less water, and other scarcities that are the realities of our finite world.

  • Carleton students participating in the Polar Bear Plunge proudly display the money they raised for Special Olympics Minnesota.

    Taking the plunge to support a good cause

    Fifteen students and staff “plunged” their way into nearly-frozen water in this year’s Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge in Rochester, Minnesota. The event, which occurred Feb 12, is one of the major fundraisers for Special Olympics Minnesota.

  • This year, colleges rejected a historic percentage of applicants.

    2011 a historically competitive year for college-bound seniors

    For high school seniors, March can be the most stressful month for one reason: college admissions. With the arrival of college acceptance and rejection letters in mid-March, college-bound seniors across the country face some tough decisions. And for current Carleton students, this means the upcoming arrival of about 300 prospective students.

  • Project Pericles' Debating for Democracy competition awarded top honors to two Carleton students.

    Carl duo wins Project Pericles competition

    On March 24, Anna Fure-Slocum ’12 and Nick Welna ’12 traveled to Pace University in New York City, taking home top honors and receiving a $3000 grant at the Debating for Democracy (D4D) competition for their presentation on proposed education reforms.

  • Board of Trustees awards tenure to four faculty members

    On Feb. 28, Beverly Nagel, the Dean of the College announced that four Carleton faculty members have been awarded tenure by the Board of Trustees. The four are Kelly Connole, Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Jessica Leiman, and David Liben-Nowell. Photos courtsey of

  • Mike Kim emphasized the importance of considering human rights issues in North Korea, in addition to the country’s political turmoil.

    Mike Kim: Escaping North Korea

    Mike Kim, founder of Crossing Borders, an NGO providing aid to North Koreans, read an excerpt from his book “Escaping North Korea,” which details the dangerous challenge of smuggling North Korean refugees to political asylum.

  • Carl alum bests supercomp in triva throwdown

    Representative Rush D. Holt of New Jersey, a 1970 graduate of Carleton, recently beat out “Watson,” the IBM supercomputer that cleaned up on television’s “Jeopardy!,” in a heated battle of wits recently held in Washington, D.C.

  • MPIRG continues fight to restore on-campus funding and support

    Nearly two years after losing their main source of funding, the “opt-out” student fee, the leaders of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group are once again attempting to restore their funds.

  • Registrar ‘very pleased’ with spring term prep

    Carleton students registered for spring classes during the last week and a half.  The process of registration was smooth sailing, according to Roger Lasley ‘72, Carleton’s registrar.