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  • Northfield Option kids reprimanded

    NoFo residents pissed after reports of urination in bushes. Is Northfield Option in jeopardy?

  • Students protest outside Sayles. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    “One history” textbook controversy crosses Pacific

    “If you only teach the good sides of a nation, will students be able to evaluate how their nation is really run?” South Korea is an ocean and thousands of miles from Northfield, but that separation is insignificant.

  • Livingston announces: new anti-bias focus group

    “Right now there’s no actual process for administrative consequences when people say discriminatory or hateful things." Carleton's new BIRT team looks to change this. 

  • Student Honesty Questioned in CCAM Drug & Alcohol Survey

    The questions on the survey mainly surrounded the prevalence of alcohol and marijuana usage at Carleton from a student’s perspective. However, there is no way of knowing if students were honest in their answers.


    CANOE to Hill move delayed amid social concerns

    Administration delays the opening of new CANOE house due to misconduct by the members of the group. When asked, Baggot relinquished details about CANOE’s specific transgressions. These included a progressive stop that involved police, use of a keg, and misuse of a campus vehicle.

  • CSP outdoor B-ball court to call a time out?

    The Committee for Student Projects changed their minds and no longer wants to build a new court. However, some CSA representatives worried that stopping the project would set a precedent where, if the CSP does not like something, they will be able to choose not do it, despite the passing vote by students.

  • CRIC issues divestment recommendation

    The members of CRIC have come to believe that the connection between fossil fuel companies and climate change does in fact make holding stock in these companies ethically problematic.

  • Kha Hunyh ‘19, an employee at the Carleton Bookstore, holds up a copy. Photo by Taylor Gee.

    Racist coloring book found in campus Barnes & Noble

    “It’s like, are you from the thirteenth century? Like Columbus? You’ve never been to other countries before and you think it’s very exotic or something? This book conveys the feeling that Asian countries are still not modernized and that they are so ‘exotic.'"

  • Trigger warning discussion continues following NSW

    There is a balance that must be found with trigger warnings between protecting survivors and deterring people who could learn from the material.

  • Carleton chapel

    Chapel reopens with new look

    “At the same time as important upgrades were installed, excellent care was taken to preserve the powerful aura of this beautiful building and Carleton landmark.”

  • Drug and Alcohol taskforce holds back on "specific goals"

    A grant of about $100,000 per year over the next four to five years was recently given to Carleton to address the college’s rates of underage drinking. The coalition in charge of the grant is taking its time to ensure the funds are used in the best possible way.

  • Survey results

    Students surveyed on Alcohol culture

    Thanks to new data provided by Patrick Gordon, the project coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention at Carleton, the Carletonian was able to put together the above chart that describes students’ perception of Alcohol culture at Carleton.