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  • Gmail to replace Zimbra

    “Technology has changed a lot in the last 10 years,” Janet Scannell, chief technology officer, said. “It’s time to modernize our tools and practices. We can collaborate now better than ever before.”

  • ETB will submit a proposal to CSA for changes to Little Nourse. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    Renovations possible for Little Nourse

    “Although everyone loves the gritty run-down vibe of Nourse, it could be better without losing its charm,” Faber said.

  • Class of 2018 major declarations

    Minors supported by campus, survey shows

    "The primary question posed was, “Do you think minors fit well at Carleton?” Among the students who completed the survey, 73 percent supported minors at Carleton. Of the remaining percentage, 20 percent were unsure, 2 percent had no opinion and 5 percent did not think it was a good fit."

  • Graph showing the overall number of Northfield Option students over time.

    Northfield Option in decline

    "We asked Carleton to reduce the number of students living in the neighborhood, and it responded by building two multi-million-dollar halls on the campus’s southeast border."

  • SHAC hires new staff to meet demand

    "I've been here for fifteen years, and the number of appointments and number of students we treat has risen every single year, and I predict that need will continue to rise."

  • Superhero Dance moved to Cowling.

    Superhero Dance moved to Cowling

    “We worked hard to make Cowling look less like a gym by highlighting comic strips, having life-size cutouts, setting up a photo booth and, of course, having pizza.”

  • Istanbul OCS trip cancelled abruptly

    “I personally would still take that risk for myself and my family. I’d go there tomorrow, but it’s a different set of considerations when you are responsible for students--morally and legally,” said Khalid, “It was basically a question of what level of risk were we happy to cope with. We were not comfortable with taking that risk.”

  • Admissions Office shortens Accepted Students Days

    “Obviously, prospies roaming free to drink is not necessarily a great idea, but I feel that sacrificing the Friday night really loses a lot of the appeal of the trip since student life is more than just Thursday night all-nighters.”

  • Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis

    Wendy Davis on women and Hillary

    Pro-Choice activist Wendy Davis visited Carleton’s campus to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

  • Bike share program on (w)heels of failed basketball court project

    The Bike Share project, which will permit the use of eight new bikes from the Recreation Center, aims to increase student access to a high cost activity.

  • Student contests medical transport decision

    On January 31st, a student ’19 who wishes to remain anonymous was transported to the emergency room without his consent. He argues that “I didn’t think I needed medical attention. Looking back... I would’ve been fine going back to my room and sleeping.”

  • vote buttons

    Weitz to host DFL caucus

    This Super Tuesday both Carleton and St. Olaf will host respective Democratic caucuses for two of the region’s precincts. For Carleton the caucus will officially begin in Weitz 236 at 7 pm.