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  • Schiller appears on the live Halloween broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Garrison Keillor, right, accompanied by Rich Dworsky.

    Schiller Sighting

    Schiller appeared on the live Halloween broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Garrison Keillor. Keillor is reported to have given an interview holding the bust and signed it afterward.

  • The Minnesota State Capitol building

    Candidates discuss issues at forum before election

    From climate change to the economy, local and state candidates weighed in on the issues during a candidate forum hosted at Carleton College last Thursday. The forum, which was attended by both Carleton students and community members, began with the state candidates for Minnesota State House District 25B and Senate District 25.

  • Democratic and Republican political parties

    2010 Election Results As of Thursday, November 4, 3 p.m.

    The current balances of power in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, state governors, and the Minnesota State Senate and House, with results from local elections.

  • Eight Carleton seniors have been awarded Fulbright fellowships.

    Carleton one of top Fulbright producers

    The Fulbright fellowship, a financial grant given to students in the year after they graduate from college to study or teach English in a foreign country, is considered one of the most coveted scholarships in academia.  Carleton College was recently ranked as the fourth largest producer of Fulbright scholars among B.A. institutions, outstripping rival colleges like Amherst and Swarthmore. 

  • Susan Harjo’s convocation described some of the history and difficulties of the Native American population in the United States.

    Harjo gives Native American Month Convocation

    “Words matter” was the message that Susan Harjo sent to campus during her convocation presentation on Friday, October 29. Harjo, a well-known author, poet, and activist for Native American rights, stated that “the U.S, has broken treaty with the native people.” She continued, “I am here to give a talk today about treaties and words and the word.”

  • Carol Wegner, Walter Hudson and Randy Liebo are board members of the North Star Tea Party Patriots. On Monday, Hudson (center) came to Carleton to discuss the Tea Party movement.

    Tea Party activist invited to session

    In an informational session on Monday, activist Walter Hudson provided Carleton students with an opportunity to engage with a member of the much-discussed Tea Party movement and gain a better understanding of what it stands for.

  • This flyer displays the old railway connection from Northfield to the cities, as well as possible new alternatives.

    Carleton hosts meeting on Northfield Transit Initiative to create corridor to cities

    Last Tuesday at Carleton College, Northfield’s Grass Roots Transit Initiative held a town hall meeting for community leaders and activists about restoring Northfield’s mass transit options. The meeting started with an address by Carleton’s president, Steven Poskanzer.

  • Amy Gohdes-Luhman, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College

    Olaf prof gives talk on Bible and homosexuality

    Carleton’s Fellowship in Christ sponsored a visit from Reverend Amy Gohdes-Luhman to give a talk on the Bible and same-sex relationships Thursday Oct. 28. Reverend Gohdes-Luhman is a wife, mother, pastor at the Northfield Mainstreet Moravian Church, and Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College. But she came to Carleton to speak about the context of same-sex relationships in the Bible simply “as a person with a viewpoint.”

  • Panel discusses issue of local homelessness

    Homelessness panel, bean jarsHomelessness in Northfield and Minnesota more broadly was the focus of “Close to Home,” a panel that brought together Kathy Bjerke, the administrative director of the Northfield Community Action Center and Jennifer Kuoppala, a volunteer from the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless on MN Coalition. The panel was held  Tuesday October 27 in the Library Athenaeum for students and faculty.

  • Flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina.

    Carleton hosts series of talks on Hurricane Katrina related issues

    This past week, the departments of Environmental Studies and Philosophy have been hosting a series of Hurricane Katrina related talks and events. The first in the series of talks was titled “Coming Back: New Orleans Five Years After Katrina” and featured three Carleton alums sharing stories about their work experiences helping rebuild New Orleans in a post-Katrina world.

  • “Close to Home” campaign aims to stop local homlessness

    In a world where social movements and political activism shout loudest, it can be difficult to compete to get a word in edgewise. Campaigns are dominated by the issues that get people to vote and people only research the topics strictly pertinent to their everyday lives. What happens to the other issues? The issue: homelessness. The location: Northfield, Minnesota.

  • Students share MCAN experiences

    The Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) is a program at Carleton meant to support the College's overall educational, admissions, career, and fundraising programs, particularly as these programs relate to the enrichment of its students and alumni of color. As part of this program, current students recieved scholarships to help fund their summer work. Here are responses from a few students who recieved such funding.