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  • West Field has had the sediment removed but still has no grass, which will need to be planted in the spring.

    Flood Damage Update

    Since the devastating floods in early October caused heavy damage to the Stadium, East Gym, and other campus buildings and student houses, Carleton’s administration has made substantial progress on repairing the damage done.

  • Deborah Appleman, the Chair of Educational Studies at Carleton, recently won the 2010 CEE Richard A.Meade Award For Research in English Education.

    News Briefs

    Appleman awarded for book on education

    College awarded Mellon grant

  • Hour of Power to support cancer research

    Hour of Power, Cancer SucksThis past Tuesday, the Carleton Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving teams participated in the fifth annual “Leave it in the Pool” Hour of Power, a swimming relay at Cowling Gym in honor of former Carleton swimmer Edward H. “Ted” Mullin.

  • Cassat and Memorial, the two newest dorms on campus, were build to LEED Gold Standard.

    Carleton named a College Sustainability Leader

    Carleton College was awarded a good grade of A- and the distinction of an Overall College Sustainability Leader in the The College Sustainability Report Card, which recently released its 2011 grades after closely examining 322 selected colleges.

  • Carleton alum and former Ambassador Michael Armacost ‘58 gave last Friday’s convocation.

    Convocation: “How should we think about China?”

    Veteran diplomat and prominent figure in the international policy community Michael Armacost ’58 opened his convocation speech by addressing the question many scholars and individuals around the world share: “How should we think about China?”

  • In the future, GPA may no longer be the basis of the Latin honors program.

    Latin Honors program being reworked

    The Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) is reworking Carleton’s guidelines for Latin Honors, the special academic recognition students receive on their diplomas when they graduate. Currently, GPA determines the level of honors a student receives: according to the Registrar’s Office, a GPA of 3.25 qualifies as cum laude, 3.5 as magna cum laude and 3.9 as summa cum laude. 

  • Democratic and Republican political parties

    Carleton Democrats disappointed with low turnout in election

    Last Tuesday, November 2nd, voters across the country cast their ballots in for the upcoming House and Senate election. Approximately 36 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats and all of the U.S. House seats were being contested. According to The New York Times, the Republican Party overtook the House with 239 Republicans to 189 Democrats (7 undecided), while the Democratic Party overtook the Senate with 53 Democrats to the 46 Republicans (1 undecided).

  • Work is still taking place on the new Arts Union.

    Arts Union construction on track

    Around 1910, on the corner of what is now 3rd and College Street, Northfield built a high school. It was later turned into a middle school, as a new high school was built elsewhere. It wasn’t until 2004 that the Northfield middle school was relocated. A year later, Carleton bought the space, funded primarily by trustees.

  • Carol Wegner, Walter Hudson and Randy Liebo are board members of the North Star Tea Party Patriots. On Monday, Hudson (center) came to Carleton to discuss the Tea Party movement.

    Tea Party activist invited to session

    In an informational session on Monday, activist Walter Hudson provided Carleton students with an opportunity to engage with a member of the much-discussed Tea Party movement and gain a better understanding of what it stands for.

  • Schiller appears on the live Halloween broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Garrison Keillor, right, accompanied by Rich Dworsky.

    Schiller Sighting

    Schiller appeared on the live Halloween broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Garrison Keillor. Keillor is reported to have given an interview holding the bust and signed it afterward.

  • This flyer displays the old railway connection from Northfield to the cities, as well as possible new alternatives.

    Carleton hosts meeting on Northfield Transit Initiative to create corridor to cities

    Last Tuesday at Carleton College, Northfield’s Grass Roots Transit Initiative held a town hall meeting for community leaders and activists about restoring Northfield’s mass transit options. The meeting started with an address by Carleton’s president, Steven Poskanzer.

  • Amy Gohdes-Luhman, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College

    Olaf prof gives talk on Bible and homosexuality

    Carleton’s Fellowship in Christ sponsored a visit from Reverend Amy Gohdes-Luhman to give a talk on the Bible and same-sex relationships Thursday Oct. 28. Reverend Gohdes-Luhman is a wife, mother, pastor at the Northfield Mainstreet Moravian Church, and Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College. But she came to Carleton to speak about the context of same-sex relationships in the Bible simply “as a person with a viewpoint.”