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  • Downtown Northfield

    C&C: News in Northfield

    Northfield Middle teacher bites off piece of man’s ear at diner

    Approval of graffiti ordinance is blotchy

    Community Resource plans to move to 618 Division

  • Carleton students traveled to Fort Smith, Arkansas to help build the 79th and 80th Habitat for Humanity homes in the area.

    Spring Break Away 2010: “Building Homes, Changing Communities, One House at a Time”

    After a grueling Winter Term at Carleton, long-awaited Spring Break finally came. For a group of driven Carls, Spring Break was not an ordinary road trip, but rather a trip full of hard labor, new friends, and discussion of socioeconomic class issues.

  • Knights Logo

    Students to start Carleton-specific blog

    A new student-run blog about all things Carleton is gearing to launch next term.  The site, tentatively named The Daily Knight, will feature Carleton event information, student blogs and campus news.

  • Pictures from Singing for Haiti at the Grand

    Carleton and Northfield community rally “pou Ayiti”

    On Friday, Feb. 27, the Carleton, St. Olaf and Northfield communities united to support Haiti at the Singing for Haiti, or Chanté pou Ayiti, concert. The event, organized by the Haiti Justice Alliance of Northfield, St. Olaf students and Haiti Relief-Carleton, raised $3,500 for victims of the earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12.

  • Census

    Census Poster design competition results

    This is a Census year. The 2010 Census Poster Design Competition, inspired by the rich tradition of visual communication, aimed at encouraging public awareness and participation in the Census in order to get a complete count in Rice County.

  • Downtown Northfield

    C&C: News and Northfield

    - City Council deals with disputes at meeting

    - Northfield Company and County Landfill fined for pollution

  • Cold weather, hot stories: News recap, winter 2010

    Chilly temperatures and rigorous schoolwork usually characterize winter term, but big news doesn’t hibernate. Here’s what we were talking about, and what we’re looking forward to this spring.

  • Jinai Bharucha

    Bharucha soundly wins CSA Presidency

    In an all-campus email sent early Thursday morning the Carleton Student Association Senate announced that after receiving 565 votes, Jinai Bharucha will be the next CSA President. David Heifetz ‘11, the other balloted candidate, received 446 votes.

  • Evans Renovation

    Evans renovation project put on hold by funding problems

    Due to insufficient funding, plans for the renovation of Margaret Evans Hall have been suspended.  A recent report from the Evans Renovation Committee confirms that the dorm will remain open for the entirety of the 2010-2011 academic year.


    Carleton MPIRG plants seeds of community sustainability

    With a campaign to transform Rice County's agriculture underway, MPIRG is taking on the local food system. Last spring a couple of members of MPIRG asked themselves "what policies a local government could enact?"

  • Tony Kushner’s play, “Angels in America Part One: Millenium Approaches,” continues this weekend, playing tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

    Carleton Players present “Angels in America Part One..."

    On Friday, Feb. 19, the Theater and Dance department premiered “Angels in America Part One: Millenium Approaches,” by Tony Kushner.  The play is one of three that the department will showcase this year and tells the story of two troubled couples, one heterosexual and the other homosexual.

  • Downtown Northfield

    C&C: First National Bank faces increased government oversight

     - First National Bank faces increased government oversight

    -  Northfield’s very own cereal company?