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  • Megan Lynn

    Women’s and men’s swimming throw last home pool party

    The women’s swimming and diving team defeated St. Olaf College 199-100 to finish their regular season with only one loss. The men’s team put forth a solid improvement compared to last year against a powerful St. Olaf team that placed 4th in the nation in 2009.

  • Sylvia Rhyne

    Musical duo to bring medieval love songs to Carleton

    Next week, Carleton alumna, Sylvia Rhyne ’78, returns to the Concert Hall with her musical collaborator, Eric Redlinger, to serenade Carls with 14th and 15th century French compositions. The musical duo, named Asteria, will perform a program entitled, “A Most Sweet Glance: The Blossoming of the Burgundian Spirit in Song, 1390-1440.”

  • Celebrating the 30th annual Mid-Winter Ball: The history behind the tradition

    Dancing the Night AwayTomorrow night, Saturday, Feb. 6, Carleton brings out its finery to celebrate its 30th annual Mid-Winter Ball. The event attracts over half of the Carleton student population. Chris Marshall '10 compared it to “a cross between a Sayles dance and your senior prom - it's an opportunity to dress up and do something fun without all the awkwardness of high school.” The tradition of Mid-Winter Ball, according to college archivist Eric Hillemann, evolved from a “Viennese Ball” held on Jan. 24, 1981. The event was originally organized by Campus Activities' Paula Armagost, fashioned after a similar dance put on at Colorado College.

  • R.T.Rybak

    C&C: Caucus season has begun for 2010 elections

    About twenty Carleton students gathered in the front of Sayles at around six on Tuesday night to wait for rides to their Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party precinct’s caucus at the Northfield Middle School. The group largely divided themselves into two circles that were based upon the two gubernatorial candidates they supported, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and state Rep. Paul Thissen.

  • Scott Koehler

    Carleton sports medicine physician heads to Vancouver

    Dr. Koehler is “Going for Gauze” at the Winter Olympics. Most attendees of the Olympics go to support the athletes with cheers and national spirit. Dr. Scott Koehler, however is going to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics as medical support for athletes, serving as an orthopedic doctor at the Olympic village clinic for eight days this February.

  • Associate Professor of History Susannah Ottoway moderated the event.

    Voices on Haiti panel addresses issues after earthquake

    The Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti brought down homes, schools, medical facilities, transport, electricity and the means of restoring normalcy for the millions of Haitians affected. It also prompted individuals at Carleton and in the Northfield community to take action. On Jan. 27, a panel, Voices on Haiti, was held to discuss the problems facing Haitians after the massive earthquake.

  • Cows, Colleges and Contentment

    C&C: Community Resource Bank works with Fed to stop losing money

    -Community Resource Bank works with Fed to stop losing money

    -Northfield Teen starts program to help families in Afghanistan

  • Computers in the reference area

    Carleton increases Internet bandwidth

    Carleton increased its Internet bandwidth by 60 percent on Jan 19th, 2010. This is the first increase in over 2 years. A bandwidth increase allows more bits (1s and 0s) to flow into and out of Carleton in a given amount of time, but does not affect the speed of those bits.

  • Stephanie Kinnunen, co-found of NEED magazine

    NEED Magazine Co-Founder shares stories of hope amidst poverty

    Stephanie Kinnunen, CEO and Co-Founder of NEED Magazine, articulated her desires to spread people's stories of hardship and everyday miracles on Friday Jan. 21. Kinnunen and her husband started NEED, the first independent, non-profit, global magazine dedicated to humanitarian issues. Their next project focuses on raising awareness of the philanthropic efforts of corporate institutions.

  • Eat Up

    Test your taste buds at Culinary House

    To involve the larger Carleton community in Culinary House, three events are scheduled each term. All Carls are welcome to come watch and learn during dinner food preparation in the evenings. To share in the meal, students can partner with a resident as a guest chef.

  • Carleton’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders visits Peru

    Member of Carleton's chapter of Engineers Without Borders renovated a greenhouse in a rural village in Peru.On Tuesday evening, the Carleton branch of Engineers Without Borders gave a presentation titled “Approaches to Sustainable Infrastructure,” explaining their progress since juniors Matthew Strongin ’11 and Galen Kast ’11 founded the group in the spring of 2007. Engineers Without Borders is a national organization that contains both student and professional chapters. Carleton’s student-run chapter is the first at a school without an engineering program.

  • Contra Dancing

    A look at the new Sayles Dance system

    Few events seem to be able to captivate and engage the Carleton community as well as Saturday night Sayles Dances. That’s why Campus Activities has taken steps to ensure that the events remain a highlight of Carleton’s social scene by reworking the requirements to host a Sayles Dance.