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2009 Fall Issue 6 (October 30, 2009)


  • What it means to me to be a good man: Ethics and masculinity

    To begin, I will pose two related questions. First, why must this discussion of “what it means to be a good man” be different for anyone else? Second, is there something essential about any masculinity that requires it to be connected to a person’s ethics? Upon examining myself, I acknowledge that I explicitly and implicitly identify as a wealthy, white, heterosexual man.

  • We Want You! The search for Carleton’s next President

    As you all know, President Oden will be retiring this year, an announcement that has prompted responses from all over campus. I’ve heard more than one student refer to it as “losing Dumbledore.” And while this may be true, it means we have quite a task ahead of us in picking a new college President to represent the essence of all that is Carleton.

  • A response to John Harris’s Convocation address

    During his address at Convocation he showed a reprehensible lack of concern for propagating one of the worst slurs to come out of the media in recent years; giving an example of extremists on the right, Harris referred to those participating in the Tea Party protests of this past year as “teabaggers.”