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2010 Fall Issue 6 (October 29, 2010)


  • An Editor's Plea

    In my two-plus years at Carleton I have observed no dearth of engaged and opinionated students...In context of my general experience at Carleton, however, my time as Viewpoint Editor for The Carletonian has lead me to a surprising realization: Very few members of the student body choose the newspaper as their preferred method of expression.

  • CRIC Letter to the Editor

    The Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) is a group of students, faculty and staff who act as an intermediary between the Carleton community and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. Through our access to Carleton’s investment information and contact with the Investment Committee, we hope to improve the transparency of Carleton’s endowment, and to help the Trustees understand “Carleton values.”