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2013 Winter Issue 6 (February 22, 2013)



    On Fiscal Incentives for STEM Degrees

    This past Wednesday, CNN contributor and columnist for ESPN the Magazine and LC Granderson called attention to a disturbing move on the part of Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor Rick Perry to interfere with college curriculums.


    Climate Change: A Note from an Alumna

    On February 17  I was in Washington D.C. with 50,000 others trying to draw attention to climate change. As an alumna, I was surprised to learn that Carleton College is not listed as one of the 200 colleges where students are petitioning for divestment from Big Oil, Gas and Coal.


    Online Education: Bridging the Education Gap

    Most mornings, I pick up the New York Times and read the front page, skim the international and domestic section, and then skip right back to the Op-Ed pages, because I always find the letters to the editor interesting.