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2010 Spring Issue 1 (April 9, 2010)


  • Schiller makes his national TV debut

    Schiller on ColbertAs a student at Carleton in the early ’90s, Peter Gwinn (’93: Theater/Media) never got his hands on the roving bust of Johan Schiller. Now, nearly 20 years later, he can finally check that item off his to-do list. In the most visible Schiller appearance ever, the campus icon made its national TV debut last Monday night on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” Stephen Colbert held the familiar bust in his arms when he ended the show by saying, “In the words of Friedrich Schiller, good night.”

  • Senior linguistics major Andrew Terwilliger, recipient of the Watson Fellowship

    Terwilliger wins Watson Fellowship

    The prestigious Watson Fellowship, a $25,000 grant to pursue independent, international research for one year, was recently award to senior linguistics major Andrew Terwilliger. Terwilliger will spend next year traveling in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan as he explores the Chinese folk music diaspora.

  • A sign announcing the plans for the Sallmon Administration Building greeted students on the Bald Spot on the morning of April 1.

    Oden pranks the school with Sallmon Admin. Building

    At approximately 7 a.m. Thursday of first week President Rob Oden sent out an all campus email announcing the construction of a new administration building in the middle of the Bald Spot. A critical detail, overlooked by many, was the date: April First or April Fools Day.

  • Rotblatt

    Rotblatt is denied Café Fast fundraising

    At the CSA meeting on Monday, April 5, both Engineers Without Borders and Rotblatt applied to use Café Fast as a fundraiser. Engineers Without Borders was approved while Rotblatt was not.

  • Downtown Northfield

    C&C: News in Northfield

    Northfield Middle teacher bites off piece of man’s ear at diner

    Approval of graffiti ordinance is blotchy

    Community Resource plans to move to 618 Division

  • Carleton students traveled to Fort Smith, Arkansas to help build the 79th and 80th Habitat for Humanity homes in the area.

    Spring Break Away 2010: “Building Homes, Changing Communities, One House at a Time”

    After a grueling Winter Term at Carleton, long-awaited Spring Break finally came. For a group of driven Carls, Spring Break was not an ordinary road trip, but rather a trip full of hard labor, new friends, and discussion of socioeconomic class issues.