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2012 Winter Issue 7 (February 24, 2012)


  • Strategic Planning

    In ongoing strategic planning process, group plots future of Carleton curriculum and student research

    As part of Carleton’s Strategic Planning review process, thirteen working groups have been addressing issues facing the College since fall term. The Carletonian continues to speak with the working groups about their tasks and goals for improvements over the next ten years.

  • Carleton Student Association Senate

    CSA candidates match up in poorly attended debates

    Last Wednesday, the Carleton Student Association held the debates for the 2012 CSA Senate elections. A total of 15 candidates spoke at the debates, stating their platforms, answering questions and presenting their ideas for changes they hope to enact if appointed.
  • whale

    A Whale of a good time

    The whale was made by members of the ninth grade members of Stepping Up Into Science at Northfield High School. The project helped students learn about various scientific concepts, such as air pressure, diagrams, measuring techniques, and whale biology.

  • Hannah Jensen's Comps

    Comps: seniors reflect on unique experiences

    While comps is a universal requirement at Carleton – serving not only as a capstone, but also as a way of preparing for the “real world” – each person’s experience tends to be unique.

  • one man show

    Multiple identities play a part in one-man show at Weitz Cinema

    Miari himself, jumps backand forth between the past, mired in memories of his inherently contradictory heritage, and the problems anticipated in the future once he and his Jewish-American fiancée are married.

  • Author Salatin

    Author Salatin advocates for conscious food choices to benefit community

    Joel Salatin, farmer, author and owner of Polyface Farm, opened his convocation speech last Friday by expressing his distress with current times.  Salatin first shot to fame when featured in Michael Pollan’s 2006 bestselling book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma."