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Spring 2018 Issue 6 (May 11, 2018)

Rep. Jason Lewis Should Not Continue to Represent Northfield

May 16, 2018
By Jake Winter '21, Contributing Writer

In the audio commentary for his 2010 book, a conservative radio host made a stunning argument against gay marriage; he argued that since somebody else owning a slave does not affect you and yet it is illegal, gay marriage, another thing that only affects those who decide to do it, should be illegal also. Somehow this radio host won a seat in Congress representing Minnesota’s second district in 2016, and in November of this year, Jason Lewis must campaign for reelection.

Lewis’s career as a radio host has exposed other extremely troubling opinions. When speaking about women, he has made comments such as “[women] are simply ignorant of the important issues in life. Somebody’s got to educate them,” and “you’ve got a vast majority of single women who couldn’t explain to you what GDP means... They are non-thinking.” I don’t think that anyone needs an explanation as to why these comments are misogynistic, so I’ll move on.

Lewis labeled Hurricane Katrina victims who were seeking help as “a bunch of whiners.” He justified racial income differences by claiming, “the median income for blacks in America would make them rich in most African nations.” He also pushed the narrative that the civil war was about states’ rights while expressing support for a constitutional amendment to let states leave the country at will. This was all before he even took office.

In office, Lewis’s voting record has been extremely conservative. He not only stuck with his party, voting for recent big GOP bills surrounding health care and tax reform, but he has voted conservatively on other issues, as well, including abortion, gun control, immigration and civil rights. Lewis runs too far to the right to accurately reflect the political landscape of the district he represents—a district that includes Northfield and Carleton. It is a very competitive district, and Lewis does not at all resemble the moderate politician that should arise from such a politically diverse area.

In 2016, Jason Lewis, a very Trump-like figure, won his seat while Trump fervor was sweeping the Midwest. That fervor is over, which puts Lewis’s seat in jeopardy. Carleton students have a loud voice, and we should use that voice to make sure that Jason Lewis does not spend two more years in office.

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