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2012 Fall Issue 4 (October 12, 2012)

Top Ten Reasons to Love Fall

October 16, 2012
By Lindsay Rand

1. Apple cider; hot or cold, it is always a delicious treat.

2. All things pumpkin- muffins, carving, seeds, pie, and of course bread.

3. Fall provides quality bonding time with your extensive (or maybe less so) collection of flannel.

4. The colorful montage made by the changing colors of leaves; seriously, go take a walk in the arb.

5. Thanksgiving, because who honestly doesn’t enjoy a holiday that makes overeating (on a massive scale) publically acceptable. 

6. “Socks n’ [Birken]stocks”- embrace the cool weather by accompanying your favorite pair of footwear with warm wool socks.

7. It is the perfect weather to break out all of your big, comfy sweaters. 

8. The warm companionship provided by the ever present June bugs, who are so diligent that they will find a way to get into any dorm- just to be with you.

9. Halloween- what other holiday advocates the attempt to scare small children (and your friends).

10. Windblown hair- you constantly look like a model with all of your locks blowing around in the wind.

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