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2012 Fall Issue 5 (October 19, 2012)

Happy 25th Birthday, Bon Appetit!

October 19, 2012
By Noelani Kirschner

Happy Birthday, Bon Appetit! On Thursday,  Carleton’s catering company celebrated its 25th birthday (for all conglomerates nationwide)at both Burton Dining Hall and the LDC.

In the past 25 years, Bon Appetit has had some landmark successes. The company was started by two entrepreneurs who wanted to see fresh, local ingredients used in large, wide-scale catering companies. Thus, Bon Appetit was born in 1987 above a meat-packing company in San Francisco; the same year, it became the first catering company to use only whole and fresh ingredients.

It continued to progress from there, establishing solid relationships with local farmers and moving away from buying their produce and meat from large food tycoons.

As part of this mission, in 1999, Bon Appetit launched their Farm to Fork program. In 2002, they became the first food management company to commit to supplying seafood that met the national sustainable seafood guidlines and to source dairy that was rBGH free.

According to their website, their goal going forward is to “continue to create initiatives that will help restore the beauty and bounty of the earth.”

At Carleton, Bon Appetit makes it clear that they are working within these guidlines every day. And for this, we say hats off to you and have a very happy 25th birthday!

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