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2013 Winter Issue 2 (January 25, 2013)

Food For Thought

January 25, 2013
By Bon Appetit

There’s a lot of new changes for Carleton’s Bon Appétit this term. First, Bon Appétit has some new exciting menu items for Winter Term in Sayles Café. The College has purchased a new oven for the Tacqueria Line that will be used for some new hot items during the evening hours.  

During the Break we were busy testing the oven with items like the Hot Italian Sandwich, and various types of pizzas.  Some of these items will be available starting next week!

Also, we’ve purchased an Evo Grill. It’s a new piece of equipment that Carleton College has purchased to help add variety to the menus in the dining halls.  The Cooks are able to batch cook items in front of the diners so they can see and smell the products they are preparing.

Two weeks ago, we featured five days of Vegan Breakfast options. There were animal-friendly takes on classic dishes, like vegan french toast and vegan eggs benedict. Bon Appetit continues to try to create tasty and creative vegan options and will offer much more this term.

Look for more exciting food options this term! We’re working hard to ensure you have great food options during these cold winter months.

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