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2013 Spring Issue 3 (April 26, 2013)

First Response to “A Discussion About [All Forms of Discrimination]”

April 28, 2013

An article in last Friday’s CLAP, another publication on campus, contained a transcript of a conversation including multiple offensive remarks and spawned a significant student response. Below are responses to the article that were collected from multiple students were submitted to the Carletonian for publication this Friday.

“Those who were the most hurt were the least surprised.”             – Student ‘14

“I was disappointed.”
    – Student ‘14

“The impact....”
    -- Student ‘14

“I was not shocked by the racist comments. Racism on this campus happens more often than it is acknowledged.”                    -- Student ’14

“I enjoyed my first two years because I never had to think about bigotry at Carleton. I’ve realized my naivety.”
    -- Student ‘14

“Appalled, but sadly not surprised.”
    -- Student ‘13

“What is the meaning of personal gain, when witnessing communal failure?”                    --Student ‘13

“I felt sorry for people with similar viewpoints regarding race and ethnicity. They are truly limiting their personal growth and experiences as human beings.”  
    -- Student ‘14

“Horrifying but not surprising.”
    -- Student ‘14

“Given the s*** I’ve overheard on this campus, I’m more so surprised that someone took the opportunity to even write the [Clap] article.”                                          --Student ‘14

“I am hungry for change.”

    --Student ‘14

“The tone caught me off-guard but it sounded like something I’d heard before.”
    -- Student ‘13

“My problem is the fact that people walk around this place thinking this is some utopia where  these issues do not exist.”
    -- Student ‘13

“I was shocked that someone would ever think those words were okay to say.”                    -- Student ‘16

“I don’t always agree with the purpose of the CLAP, but I think that this article will spawn some conversations that need to happen on this campus. I love Carleton, but people need to stop pushing issues of discrimination under the rug.”
    --Student ‘14

Students are highly encouraged to submit future opinion articles regarding this issue to The Carletonian. Op-Eds should be 400-600 words, preferably, and should be emailed to

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