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2014 Spring Issue 2 (April 18, 2014)

    • By Kera Ling

      Facilities Committee Outlines Future Construction Projects

      The new Carleton Facilities Master Plan contains a number of provisions that will impact residential life at Carleton.

    • Students performing at the Vagina Monologues.

      Vagina Monologues: Students React

      On the first Sunday of spring term, over 400 students and local residents crowded into the Concert Hall for the annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues (the VagMons).”

    • Carls in Russia.

      As Russia Takes Ukraine, Carls Take on Russia

      The Carletonian reached out to two Carls studying abroad in Russia for perspectives closer to the crisis in Crimea.

    • Asia House.

      Concerns Spur Changes to Interest House Petitions

      To improve the application process for creating interest houses and for applying to live in interest houses, Residential Life formed the Interest Community Advisory Committee (ICAC), which has spent this year working to better define and evaluate current and potential interest houses as well as to standardize portions of the application for living in interest houses.

    • Bon Appetit

      Bon Appetit Signs Sourcing Deal with Hmong Farmers

      In an unlikely but compatible hybrid between environmentally conscientious students, Bon Appétit, and Hmong immigrant farmers, a project to bring fresher foods to campus is underway.

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    • Divest for Climate Justice

      On Saturday, April 12th at 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time, the President and members of the Board of Trustees of Pitzer College stood alongside student and faculty representatives to deliver a historic announcement.

    • Major Declarations: Not With a Bang

      The sophomores have officially decided their futures. Well, at least through the next few years. The time for major declaration has passed and so this is a pretty exciting event for the class of 2016, right? Not so for most sophomores.

    • An Ole Dad Told Me to Go to Carleton

      During my time at Carleton, I have been engulfed by this false perception that we Carls are “better” than students at Olaf or Macalester or any of the other schools in Minnesota or across the US who happen to be lower on the ranking than we are.

    • Don’t Be Happy

       I used to pray before I went to bed every night. I’d close my eyes, flash each of my family members before the projector in the mind’s eye, and murmur: “I love you mom, please keep mom safe. I love you grandpa, please keep grandpa safe, I love you gramma, and so forth.”

    • Most Likely to Become an Archdruid?

      “You’ve been voted ‘Most Likely to Become a Religious Official,’” said the boy with the clipboard. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I responded, looking up from my high school lunch table.

    • 'Angry Atheists’: the Ultimate Oxymoron

      My mom was raised Catholic and my dad was raised Missouri-Synod. Now, although both are sects of Christianity, their marriage caused some controversy within their two families.

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