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2015 Fall Issue 2 (October 2, 2015)

    • Drug and Alcohol taskforce holds back on "specific goals" (Login Required)

      A grant of about $100,000 per year over the next four to five years was recently given to Carleton to address the college’s rates of underage drinking. The coalition in charge of the grant is taking its time to ensure the funds are used in the best possible way.

    • Survey results

      Students surveyed on Alcohol culture (Login Required)

      Thanks to new data provided by Patrick Gordon, the project coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention at Carleton, the Carletonian was able to put together the above chart that describes students’ perception of Alcohol culture at Carleton.


    • Thirst for new externships quenched (Login Required)

      As a result of the Parent Advisory Council’s efforts, the number of externship positions has increased from approximately 90 in December 2013 to 150 this year.

    • There's been a chicken running around campus!

      Cooped up in Musser (Login Required)

      Chicken on the run finds a new home at Carleton

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    • Knights members practice their repertoire. Photo by Charlotte Duong.

      A cappella groups consider diversity controversy (Login Required)

      Comprised of five unique groups on campus, a capella is an asset to the Carleton culture. They portray all the fun and flair that comes with attending college here. However, the question of whether such groups are truly representative of the study body has faced debate.

    • “Visiting professor” title demystified (Login Required)

      In the pursuit of a tenure-track position, many professors with new PhDs find it desirable or necessary to make a pit stop along the way. This is known as the ‘visiting professorship,’ which at Carleton usually signifies a stint of one to two years, usually to cover for someone on sabbatical.

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    • Part of the Pearlman exhibit at the Weitz. Photo by Audrey Kan.

      Sinister Civil War photos unearth veiled U.S. history (Login Required)

      It takes context to understand old photographs, and that may turn you off, but The Pearlman Gallery provides fascinating stories and information that will change your perception of the Civil War.

    • maybe we should be called the Carleton penguins?

      Raiders of the lost archives: a knight’s tale part two (Login Required)

      A few of my classmates and I wondered about our college’s mascot, namely, why it isn’t something else. Why aren’t we the Penguins, we thought, or even the Squirrels? As it turned out, the origins of the “Knights” moniker were fairly straightforward, but no part of history is immune to controversy.

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    • Cross country runners. Photo by Ethan Casse Mace.

      Cross Country: Cult or just skinny and awkward? (Login Required)

      Every sports team on Carleton’s campus has a different personality, and as your new sports editor, I am going to try and tackle all of them. I decided to start with the team that I was once a part of and still have very close ties to: the cross country team.

    • Knight’s Time for Carleton Soccer (Login Required)

      Both the men and women’s soccer programs do believe this is truly their season to win it all.

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    • The introverts dilemma (Login Required)

      I am here to provide a testimony to the always interesting, sometimes traumatic, but overall amazing experience that is being a Carleton freshman.

    • Every beautiful thing (Login Required)

      Here at Carleton, I have already had many beautiful moments and I hope everyone else is also enjoying every beautiful moment as they flicker into existence and decay into the past.

    • Food for thought: freshmen can go green (Login Required)

      “The newest, freshest zucchini is the most flavorful.” New students have so much power, never forget that. You have important energy and perspective to bring to the table.

    • Mistaken opportunities (Login Required)

      Our distinct experiences shape the advice we give, giving so many ways of approaching many topics or problem. One could collect all received advice, and then it becomes a toolkit, with selectable, appropriate advice for all the topics and questions of life here.

    • Turn down for what? (Login Required)

      When you’ve been struggling to stay awake for the past week, or when all you want to do is to not leave the room and face the outside world, listen to your gut feeling and what your body is telling you. The parties and wild nights will be there every weekend, they can wait; your mental health and well-being always come first.

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    • The Carleton chapel will soon be an English pub

      The real Chapel renovation that Stevie P. Doesn’t Want you to know about (Login Required)

      For years, Stevie P. has been craving a nice pint of Fuller’s London Pride after work and, in a sudden fit of ingenuity, has devised a master plan for the renovation of Skinner Memorial Chapel. And it is truly spectacular.

    • The bats in the Midwest are in trouble

      What keeps Batman up at night? (Login Required)

      The Arb is home to 4 species of bats (Little Brown Bat, Big Brown Bat, Red Bat, and Hoary Bat), and if you dislike flying insects or are a farmer, bats are your best friends. The problem is, most of Minnesota’s bats may be gone in the not too far future.

    • Sophomorphing (Login Required)

      Here at the Carletonian, we applaud courageous sophomores as they begin the often harrowing, yet strangely rewarding, process of sophomorphing.

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