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2013 Spring Issue 4 (May 3, 2013)


  • Vending machine

    On Vending Machine Robbery

    As you may or may not be aware, you have been robbed. Over the last few weeks and months, there have been a string of thefts from the vending machines on campus. While to those involved this may seem trivial, the implications are far-reaching and have significant consequences for everyone on campus.

  • produce

    Real Food: We Are What We Eat

    Everyone has heard the adage “you are what you eat,” but our personal food choices do more than shape our health, they shape the global food system, and by extension society. Furthermore, Carleton is what Carleton eats, and as an institution that feeds hundreds of people everyday, the choices Carleton makes about where to acquire its food can have real impact.


    Swarmageddon: A Marvel of Nature

    They’ve been hiding underground for 17 years, sucking sap and maturing. Now, they are digging tunnels through the dirt toward the surface. Soon, they will be swarming by the billions across the East Coast making a 90-decibel buzz. What, you ask? Some are calling it Swarmageddon. You might have heard of it as the re-emergence of the 17-year cicada known as the Magicicada.


    On Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Avery and Quinn are both students at Carleton, participating in a diverse array of extracurricular activities that round out their academic experiences. This morning, Avery and Quinn went to the library to finish their joint project for their Political Science class.


    April Showers Bring May Snowstorms

    A few weeks ago I wrote a column for prospective students apologizing for the weather and explaining that it isn’t normally like this in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota, I’m done apologizing for you. As I write this, there is four inches of snow on the ground outside, delivered courtesy of a snowstorm…yesterday. On Wednesday, May 1.