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2013 Winter Issue 3 (February 1, 2013)


  • This year, 35 percent of the Senior Class turned out to Volunteer for Carleton.

    Volunteer for Carleton Brings in the Dough

    Volunteer for Carleton made its triumphant return to campus last week. The event, sponsored by the Alumni Annual Fund, drew students to the Great Hall to write postcards and make phone calls to alumni and volunteers, thanking them for their support.


    “Engagement Wanted” Connects Carleton Students with the Workforce

    This year, the Career Center has promoted ‘Engagement Wanted’ as a networking tool to connect Carleton seniors and juniors with “Alumni, parents, and friends of the College who may have advice, referrals, or employment opportunities.”


    Are There Nitrates in Our Water Supply?

    Concerns about campus water had arisen following the publication of an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in late December.  The piece documented widespread nitrate pollution in groundwater across much of southern Minnesota, including in Dakota County, where Carleton is located.


    Rethinking the Meaning of Race at Carleton

    What are examples of racism in real life? What is white privilege? Students explored and reflected on these questions through the Rethinking Race Workshop, which took place both Saturday and Tuesday night.

  • Manal al-Sharif.

    Advocate Manal al-Sharif Speaks Out on Social Media in Saudi Arabia

    Manal al-Sharif, the “Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia” and cofounder of the Women2Drive campaign, has earned a place on Time Magazines list of the World’s 100 Most Influential People for her own brand of civil disobedience.


    Retired U.S. Naval Intelligence Commander: “Is Intelligence Worth It?”

    This past Thursday, retired U.S. Naval Intelligence Commander Jon Olson gave a presentation on the sharing of federal intelligence, discussing recent changes in both methods of gathering intelligence and the ethics of intelligence itself.

  • Helene York

    Political Activist York Challenges Students to “Fix Our Broken Food System”

    Helene York is an advocate for sustainable food who directed the purchasing initiatives for the Bon Appétit Management Company. As such she is very familiar with supply chain dynamics and macro-level logistics, which were the focus of her presentation “Beyond Consumer Activism: What Companies Must Do to Fix a Broken Food System.”

  • Students danced to “Mamma Mia!” by Abba during the opening Ebony number.

    “Mamma Mia!”: Ebony Electrifies Sayles in Winter Show

    Mamma mia, what a show! Carleton’s student-run, student-choreographed dance troop performed their Winter Show last weekend on Friday and Saturday night, livening up the great space in Sayles and drawing lots of hoots and hollers from the audience

  • There was a special celebratory cake in addition to the usual breakfast treats for students to enjoy

    Dacie Moses Celebrates 127th Birthday

    This past weekend, Dacie Moses house celebrated the 127th birthday of Candice Moses, the house matron of the famous house that still stands on Union Street, practically unaltered from when it was first built in 1870.