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2013 Winter Issue 5 (February 15, 2013)


  • David Gergen

    Compromise and Dysfunction in Washington: Thoughts on Convo

    I found Convo disappointing. The speaker seemed particularly compelling. The posters in Sayles advertised: David Gergen, adviser to four presidents. And given the larger than usual Convo audience, lots of Carleton students thought along the same lines as me. This was one Convo to crawl out of bed for.


    A Challenge to the Carleton Community: Help End Gun Violence

    After the Newtown school massacre, people all over the country -- including many Carleton students – grieved for those who were gunned down and the young lives tragically cut short.  And many of us experienced, yet again, anger and frustration that our country leads the developed world in lives lost to gun violence.

  • Valentine's Day

    Connecting Through Friendship

    Once again, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, leaving everyone with sugar crashes and visions of idyllic amour. While I’m personally against the consumerist culture surrounding this fairly trivial holiday, it is admittedly good at re-enforcing relationships of all kind, whether it’s connecting with your friends, telling your family how much you love them, or finally asking out your long-term crush with chocolate and roses.