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  • Board of Trustees must communicate with students (Login Required)

    Whether or not you agree that fossil fuel divestment is the right move for Carleton College, it is clear from this email that the chairman of the board is not taking the concerns of students seriously.

  • A repeal of net neutrality would be disasterous for the Internet (Login Required)

    Now think about having to go back to that to read alternate points of view. Would you actually end up reading that article if you had to wait two minutes for it to load?

  • Discovering the joys of driving and thinking alone (Login Required)

    If I ever have a bad day at Carleton, my car is where I take my lone retreat and re-energize.

  • Opinion writing provides a powerful bully pulpit (Login Required)

    Opinion writing can be scary at first (I know it was for me, in large part because it’s so much more personal than any other form of journalism), but it’s also incredibly necessary.

  • Time's up for white women's complicity (Login Required)

    If we are to move forward, we need white women to acknowledge their privilege and their complicity in structures of power. How do we reach the women in Alabama and across the U.S. that vote for sexual harassers and abusers? I’m not sure. I do know that it needs to be done while we work with women who have been consistently fighting for equality, safety, and respect. We cannot sweep the wrongs women (especially white women) do under the rug for the sake of uplifting an ideal vision of “women.”

  • The Year of the Woman hoax (Login Required)

    Labeling 2017 as the Year of the Woman is a big statement. The label “Year of the Woman” was first popularly used in 1992 after many female senators were elected. It has since been used, especially in 2017, to recognize the rise and importance of women in politics and society as a whole. The year 2017 saw enormous marches all over the nation to draw attention to and fight for the rights of women. In moments like those I believed in the slogan, and will always believe in the power of women. But I have to question, has there ever really been a Year of the Woman?

  • Here's to 2018 (Login Required)

    There’s no way 2018 can be so bad.



  • President Winfrey: Politics and entertainment (Login Required)

    While you might be expecting me to continue to wax poetic about Oprah’s brilliance and her seemingly superhuman ability to connect, please bear with me as this piece takes a sharp political turn.

  • Pink hats aren't enough: Moving forward from 2017 (Login Required)

    Women have been telling these stories for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It didn't take Trump's election for women to start talking about sexism in society.

  • Writer: Analyzing the ebb and flow of Carleton homework (Login Required)

  • Finding community to calm the chaos (Login Required)

  • Birth Control: A list of questions for Donald Trump (Login Required)