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  • 13 students suspended for hazing tied to secret group (Login Required)

    "We’ve received some information about the hazing as part of the criminal sexual conduct investigation. That does not mean that the hazing and the criminal sexual conduct are related.”

  • 535 students accept spots in class of 2021 (Login Required)

    "The yield rate is one of the highest in the decade."

  • Divest Carleton meets Board members for the first time (Login Required)

    “I have a reinvested interest in being a part of this movement because I know that it’s not dead. It’s confirmation that discussions will continue, and whether we will divest is another question.”

  • Living-Learning Community pilot continues (Login Required)

    The Living-Learning Community aims to extend dialogue beyond the classroom. “Previously, any kind of facilitating difficult conversations seemed restricted to the classroom,” Cox explained. “There was a need, expressed in multiple ways—campus climate surveys, incident reports and people talking on campus—for taking the conversations out of the classroom and placing them where students live.”

  • Latinx students rally in response to hate incidents (Login Required)

    “I’m really disheartened if any of our students feel unsupported.  We always seek ways to ensure students feel and are supported … There is always more that we can do as a community and we need help in identifying thoughtful ways to do so.”

  • New CSA liaisions make plans for next year (Login Required)

    "A community that doesn't take care of all its students isn't a community at all."

  • Students fund KRLX remodel, pool tables (Login Required)

    "These referenda will save the college and the student body considerable money and effort in the long run."

  • One racist St. Olaf note found to be fabricated (Login Required)

    "We owe it to St. Olaf to go plug in however they need us."

  • "The Manuscript" shifts format (Login Required)

     It is unclear whether this decrease in funding for some publications is in any way related to the revisions CSA made to its publication funding guidelines winter term.

  • Goldlink to headline Spring Concert (Login Required)

    "The leak wasn't very considerate of the Spring Concert Committee because we put in a lot of work to a lot of marketing. But it's gonna happen amd we can't do anything about it."

  • After racist messages, St. Olaf students protest (Login Required)

    “Let’s show up. Let’s make sure that we show them we’re here for them and we know what they’re going through because we experience it too here at Carleton.”

  • Bike share program to be rolled out by August (Login Required)

    “We want this program to be a success, so once it's on the ground and running we hope that students will know enough about the program to check out and enjoy the bikes.”