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About The Carletonian

The Carletonian is the weekly student-run newspaper at Carleton College. The paper has been printed since 1877, and is entirely written, edited, and managed by Carleton students.

The Carletonian is distributed Fridays during the academic term at various points around the campus. It is also available online to Carleton students through this website.

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You can view archives of The Carletonian online.


Position                               Staff

Editors-in-Chief                   Dylan Larson-Harsch & Paul Peterson

Business/Ad Manager         Brendon Fischel

Managing Editor                   Brynne Diggins

Photo Editors                       Amanda Zeilinger & Audrey Kan

Web/Social Media Editor     Justine Seligson

News Editors                        Ross Matican & Perrin Stein

Arts & Features Editors       Brynne Diggins

Sports Editor                       Brendon Fischel

Viewpoint Editors                Anna Schmiel & Jacob Isaacs

Bald Spot Editor                  Justine Seligson                 



Paul Peterson, Editor-in-Chief. Paul began writing for the newspaper over three years ago, during winter term of his freshman year. Since his beginnings on the Carletonian, Paul has served as a staff writer and managing editor, before becoming editor-in-chief last spring. His favorite part about the paper is “basically living out the movie Spotlight ” daily. Paul is a junior Chemistry major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Reflecting back on one of the paper’s weekly traditions, where a new timely phrase is put before the “since 1877” banner at the bottom of each issue, Paul’s favorite version of this inside joke was “itchy in the evenings since 1877.” Contact him at

Dyan Larson-Harsch, Editor-in-Chief. A member of the Carletonian since the beginning of his freshman year, Dylan’s favorite thing about the paper is the opportunity to release the best possible issue each week, with honest and insightful reporting. Dylan is a sophomore, prospective English major with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dylan is also involved in the cross country team and two other campus publications: the literary magazine Manuscript and the feminist zine Infemous. When he wants to take a break, Dylan’s favorite spot to nap on campus is 3rd Libe, on the long couches below the stairwell. Contact him at

Brynne Diggins, Managing Editor. Working on the Carletonian staff since fall term freshman year, sophomore Brynne edits, writes, and serves on the social media committee. This Minnesota native-- from Minnetonka-- is an English major with possible concentrations in Women and Gender Studies and Educational Studies. When not working on the paper, Brynne also tutors, creates content for the feminist publication Infemous, works at the on-campus writing center and both dances and choreographs for the student-run company Synchrony II. When asked about her fashion style, she tends to wear the “50% thought out, 50% this is what just happened to jump on my body this morning” aesthetic. Contact her at

Perrin Stein, News Editor. A French and geology double major, Perrin is a senior and has been a member of the Carletonian staff since her freshman fall. Her favorite parts of working for the student newspaper are the perspective the Carletonian gives her on the college and the opportunity it gives her to talk to many different people. On campus, Perrin also works in the CCCE, volunteers with the Food Recovery Network, and serves on College Council and Dining Board. This Newton, Massachusetts native claims that if she were any kitchen utensil, she would be a spoon. Contact her at

Brendon Fischel, Sports Editor and Business Manager. A sophomore from Eureka, California, Brendon has not yet declared a major, but he is leaning towards an Economics major with a concentration in Political Economy. A staff member since winter term 2016, he enjoys the friendly environment of the Carletonian. Brendon is also a member of the varsity baseball team. When asked about his favorite romantic comedy, he cited Bruce Almighty as the best of all time. Contact him at

Anna Schmiel, Viewpoint Editor. Anna, now in the middle of her senior year, has been involved with the newspaper since fall term of her freshman year. Her favorite parts of the paper include all the wonderful friends she has made, hanging out in the office, creating campus discourse and hosting the infamous Women’s W(h)ine Night. Anna is a Political Science/International Relations major from Edina, Minnesota and is also involved in political science research at Carleton. Looking back on fours years of the weekly paper tradition which involves publishing a silly or timely phrase that ends in “since 1877” at the bottom of the newspaper, her favorite was “in it for the fame since 1877.” Contact her at

Justine Seligson, Bald Spot Editor & Web Editor. A sophomore from Westport, Connecticut, Justine has not yet declared a major, but she will likely be a Political Science and International Relations major. She is already a cross-cultural studies concentrator. Justine has been involved in several aspects of the weekly paper process since the beginning of her freshman year, including the social media committee, weekly copy editing, and photography. When she is not working on the paper, Justine tutors and does public relations for Paper Airplanes, works in the off-campus studies office, Nordic skis and dances in Synchrony II, a student-run dance group. If you are looking for Justine, her favorite nap spot on campus is the green couch under the stairs in Third Libe. Contact her at

Matt Thibodeau, Features & Arts Editor. Matt is a junior from Duluth, Minnesota. A double major in International Relations and French/Francophone Studies, Matt started writing for the Carletonian during the winter of 2016. His favorite things about the paper include the inclusivity of the staff and the wide range of topics covered. When he is not writing for the newspaper, he works on Budget Committee, nordic skis, and hosts a radio show on KRLX. Matt claims that “there is honestly no living equivalent to Missy Elliott,” so this favorite song from the 90s is her song “Sock It 2 Me.” Contact him at

Julia Miller, Staff Writer. Originally from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Julia is a junior History major with a concentration in Archaeology. She started working for the paper at the beginning of her freshmen year and is currently the co-chair of the social committee, in addition to writing regularly. On campus, she also works for the history department, participates in the alpine ski club, and loves sleeping on the couch in the Carletonian office. Julia describes her fashion style as “running late to a 1890s piano recital but I could probably fix a tire maybe?” Contact her at 

Annika Martensson, Staff Writer. Annika, a sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has served on the paper since her fall term freshman year. Her favorite thing about working on the paper is getting to learn new things about Carleton and exploring these topics. Annika plays on the soccer team, volunteers at the local middle school through the TORCH program, and works as the sports broadcaster for Carleton basketball games, in addition to writing for the paper. If Annika were any building on campus, she says that she would be Cowling Gym. Contact her at