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About The Carletonian

The Carletonian is the weekly student-run newspaper at Carleton College. The paper has been printed since 1877, and is entirely written, edited, and managed by Carleton students.

The Carletonian is distributed Fridays during the academic term at various points around the campus. It is also available online to Carleton students through this website.

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You can view archives of The Carletonian online.


Position                                Staff

Editors-in-Chief                   Ross Matican '20 and Sarah Lieberman '20

Managing Editor                  Katy Gilbertson '20

Chief Copy Editor                 Wrenna Fine '21

Photo Editors                      Hill Tiguila '21 and Alex Cardenas '20

Social Media Editor             Lea Winston '22

News Editors                       Amelia Broman '21 and Nicole Collins '22

Arts & Features Editor         Jessica Wu '22

Sports Editor                       Jacob Smith '22

Viewpoint Editors                Sam Kwait-Spitzer '21 and Jacob Isaacs '20

Bald Spot Editor                   Justine Seligson '19

Business Manager                Brendon Fischel '19

Web Editor                            Justine Seligson '19

Staff Photographers             Amanda Zeilinger '19 and An Kitamura '21

Staff Writers                         Meredith Oldham '21, Lea Winston '22, Rajkumar Raiyani '21, Felipe Jimenez '21


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